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Preparing your home with Giordano Corredi is really fun

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Do you need to furnish your new home while waiting for your wedding? You’re in the right blog! One of Giordano Corredi’s commercial agents will come to your home to help you discover the wonderful catalog of collections, cookware, bath towels, the dining room sector and finally everything about your double bed.

Products with different styles

Let’s start with the dining room sector, because it is the most fun and the most colorful . Giordano Corredi has thought of dishes, cutlery, glasses, tablecloths and finally breakfast cups, all in the same color with 6 different colors: orange, lilac, blue, gray, yellow and red. This line is called Arcobaleno : it was designed to brighten up your day starting with breakfast and that of your guests at lunch or dinner and to make you feel wrapped in any time of lunch or dinner. Giordano Corredi offers in this sector glassware and porcelain with a design unique and inimitable made handcrafted . Finally, we find tablecloths made of different materials and different styles: they are of cotton and linen and can be colored or sober colors.

With the sector of the collections your eye indulges itself by observing styles unique and precious all of excellent quality . Indeed Giordano Corredi chose the names of most of them defining them as the countries of Europe based on the style and design produced in the collection. In fact, by choosing some collections, your bedroom will be every day on a different country able to make you feel in another place different from your home.

With the kitchen , the steel is the master: this material is very practical and very clean when you it’s about cooking your dishes. Giordano Corredi has chosen the best brands to offer: the Victor Boyer line with two variants and the Marilù line also with two variants. With Giordano Corredi you can be on the safe side because you bring all the best quality pans to your home. In addition, Giordano Corredi offers you cooking in dolomite with high quality pots, pans and pans. Cooking with dolomite is to cook food with ceramic pots. Finally, with the magic lids anti-odor, your way of cooking will be complete. With the Bathroom line you will have sets of towels combined with the collections of the night line. In fact, both the various sets of towels for you and guests and the various collections of the night line are handmade with Rebrode lace linen fabric, a unique style and chosen personally by Giordano Corredi.

Finally, for your bed double Giordano Corredi offers quilts in sober or lively colors, full of a unique and inimitable style. The bed sheets for the bed are made of a natural and delicate material and match the various colors of the room or the quilts used, the different bedspreads depending on the collection used and the pillows made with different materials giving you wellness even when you are sleeping. Finally, Giordano Corredi has decided to offer you the mattress giving you complete rest.

Guarantee and security

The spouses who go to Giordano Kits to buy sheets, bedspreads, mattress, pots or the service of dishes, glasses or porcelain have all the security of what they buy thanks to the excellent quality of the material and craftsmanship . Moreover, customers will have on all the material that they will buy a excellent guarantee .

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