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3 ideas for your wedding photo booth

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Call to the classic entertainment methods for your wedding guests . Do you want a truly original novelty that will positively impress each of your guests? Very good: the one you absolutely can’t do without is the Photo Booth . But what is it? In this article we will talk about this, and we will also give you 3 useful ideas to make one really perfect on your special day .

Photo Booth: what is it?

It is an entertainment corner for guests that can be used at a wedding and a party < / strong>. In a corner of the reception an area is set up where there are backgrounds, masks, frames and various objects that are used to make funny photos for guests . The first photo booth was a real photo booth, then all the various variants were born, but this was the first type where people could set themselves apart to take funny and instant photos. Others even rent a minibus set up for the occasion: inside there are colored backgrounds, masks and disguises where guests can really go crazy. Depending on the theme of your wedding, or simply based on what you like and enjoy, you can recreate different sets.


Frames are the accessory that is most used to make the Photo Booth during the marriage. In practice, real frames of various colors, shapes and sizes are available to the guests, which every single guest can use to take a picture. The frames also, based on size, can also be used for group photos , tender and nice to leave in memory of both the spouses and the guests themselves.


Another very original idea is to prepare a polaroid on a table made available for your guests . Each guest who has the intention, can take a picture and leave it on a special frame, or hang it in a prepared space. At the end of the reception, each guest can take their photo which will be an additional gift, besides the favor, that the bride and groom will do to their guests.


Another really original element to be able to prepare is a photo booth : sure, just one of those that are used to do passport photos. There are different types of cabins, and many also include the use of different types and filters. What we must not forget is providing props of different types to your guests so that they can take original and hilarious photos.

The new frontier of wedding entertainment is the Photo Booth: and you? Will you be able to give it up?

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