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Marriage: 3 ideas for a perfect vegetarian menu

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The day of your wedding is approaching and finally, in a few days, you will crown your love dream. You really thought of everything and everything seems to be perfect in every little detail. Your guests have confirmed and, at some point, you realize that you have almost forgotten that your cousin is a vegetarian . Today almost all the locations deal with vegetarian menus, but very often these are really poor and unimaginative. Then in the article we propose 3 useful tips for all those who need to organize a vegetarian menu .

Contact the vegetarian guest

The first tip is to contact your vegetarian or your guests and ask them which what would they like to eat on your wedding day. This will not only give you the opportunity to indicate something that will be truly appreciated but, more importantly, it will give your guests the right impression that you are giving yourself so that everything is perfect for them too.

Indicate your restaurant preferences

The second piece of advice we feel we can give you is to indicate in advance to your restaurant or your catering presence of vegetarians who prefer a diversified menu . This will give both you and them time to agree together on a specific menu with everything your vegetarian friends would prefer to eat.

Do not overdo

Although often a vegetarian menu is much more like a baby menu than a one for a guest who will provide make you a “grown-up” gift, it’s not even fair to overdo it with dishes that are too sophisticated. Therefore no to the usual salads and the usual spaghetti with tomato sauce, but not even requiring too particular dishes : you would incur the mistake of making mistakes in an attempt to do the right thing.

Not all weddings require special menus. For those who require it, we hope to be able to provide useful advice.

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