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Short wedding dress: when is the right choice?

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When takes the decision to marry the bride often, first of all, imagine the dress you will wear . And usually you always think of a long, mermaid or trapezoid dress, princely or empire style, but in any case long. But why not dare choosing to wear a short dress for your wedding? But be careful, the short dress is not suitable for all women and is not suitable for all circumstances. We therefore propose in the article considerations whose reading can help all those who are thinking about the possibility of wearing a short dress for their wedding.

Short dress: only in the morning

The short wedding dress can only be used during a morning wedding < / strong>, because choosing a short dress for an evening celebration makes the audacity expire in bad taste.

Short dress: only with nice legs

It is not a way to discriminate, but as not to all give the mermaid dress or empire style dress , also for the short dress we tend to indicate a physique that would make the wearability beautiful or ugly ; and in the case of the short dress one of the essential elements in order to create a harmonious figure is that the bride has lean and slender legs . If it were not so, the short dress would end up accentuating even more the small defects of a bride that could have been hidden with a dress more suited to the physicality of the girl in question. < / p>

Short dress: only in theme

Choose a short dress because the theme of your wedding is the 50s of the twentieth century is absolutely right, because it falls within the characteristics that the chosen theme indirectly imposes on us. Avoid wearing short dresses instead when they are not in theme , they are not suited to the allure you wanted to give to your wedding.

Choosing a short wedding dress may seem like a gamble and instead it isn’t: just know when you can wear it and when, instead, no.

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