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Civil wedding: 3 ideas to personalize them

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When one thinks of marriage, usually the common imaginary wants a bride walking the aisle of a church with the groom awaits you at the altar. But not all marriages are celebrated according to a religious function: either because of religious, or ethical, or economic causes many couples choose a civil function to get married . Very often, however, it happens that the emotion that one would expect for two boys who join in marriage is not perceived as in anonymous rooms of the communal house of belonging . What to do? In the article we propose 3 ideas to personalize your civil wedding.

Custom decorations

The floral decorations may be one of the essential elements aimed at personalizing your wedding: many flowers of every variety to give color to the entire room in which you will deliver your promises. Another important detail on this occasion are the chairs to choose according to your wedding style and decorate them with ribbons and small flowers that recall your flower bouquet.

Small gifts for guests

One of the ways in which you can personalize the civil ceremony of your wedding is leave a small gift for the guests who participate in the ceremony: for example, if you choose to avoid rice and prefer soap bubbles when the bride and groom leave, you could give the small vials on which the names of the spouses will be engraved , or give some small boxes in which to affix a fan and a bottle of water if it is very hot, or a chocolate bar if you get married in winter. Impress your guests with small gifts to be delivered at the beginning of the ceremony , nice objects that could be useful during the bow of the day, such as hats, sunglasses, tissues for any tears of emotion, or anything else that comes to mind.


Something really nice during the civil ceremony is that the label is much more flexible than the one whose respect Carthusian is mandatory for religious marriages. This freedom could then allow to make witnesses, parents, brothers or friends of the heart participate by asking them to write a thought, a story, a happy event lived together and to read what one is written just before the bride and groom pronounce their yes for life. This will be one of the most intimate moments of your ceremony, one of the most exciting, a moment that more than any other will be able to personalize your wedding.

The civil ceremony can be just as exciting as the religious one, just choose to personalize the right moments and make them special for your wedding.

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