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Winter bride: here are the 3 must haves for the winter bride

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Getting married in winter is quite curious because we usually prefer a little more spring temperatures but not only: we tend to choose spring or summer to avoid the risk of rain or snow . But: how many times have we witnessed weddings on July 20 with clouds and rain that looked like someone had forgotten the open taps? And how many times did we happen to spend a wonderful day outdoors with the sun in December? Given the unpredictability of the weather conditions , today many brides choose to get married in the winter, either because they love the Christmas atmosphere, or because they don’t like the heat or, simply, because they found a date available and choose to get married as soon as possible. In the article we offer the 3 must haves for brides who choose winter.

Long sleeve wedding dress

It will seem a real banality, but choosing a dress with shoulder pads or with a sweetheart neckline is really unsuitable if you are decided to get married in the winter. The elegance and composure of the long sleeve is the best that can be chosen for a winter wedding. Until some time ago it was very difficult to find long-sleeved wedding dresses because, precisely, there weren’t many brides who intended to get married in the winter. Today, instead, all the ateliers present collections of long-sleeved dresses for all winter brides. Therefore, if you have opted for the cold winter landscape, you have no reason to give up a wonderful long-sleeved wedding dress.

Bolero or shawl

In winter we know: even if we are lucky and there is a beautiful sun, the temperatures are still very cold , and it is therefore essential for the bride to have something that can heat it even during the photo shoot . Do not worry: there are boleros and shawls in synthetic fur or very warm cotton that will have the task of protecting the bride from the gusts of wind, ensuring you not catch a cold before leaving for the journey of wedding . The models are endless among stoles, boleros, capes, capes and maxi scarves, as is the vast assortment of taffeta fabrics , satin, tulle, lace and many other materials.


Hands are the business card for every woman : it is not the case that just on the day of the wedding you find yourself with chapped, stiff and wounded hands from the cold, also because they will be in the foreground at the time of the exchange of wedding rings. To avoid exposing your hands to cold temperatures, sometimes close to zero, the bride can choose to wear a pair of gloves , usually long at the elbow, which in addition to having a real functionality will be perfect to give a touch of extra elegance the style chosen by the bride.

Marries in winter? Yes, but without forgetting accessories and essential elements to preserve the beauty, health and glamor of the bride on her special day.

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