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Hen party: three tips to surprise the bride

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The wedding day is approaching and the bride has chosen everything: participations < / span> , bomboniere , faiths , list wedding , auto , aperitif , wedding cake and everything that can help making a perfect marriage . one thing, however, that the bride has not thought because it is not her job to do it: bachelorette party ! The bachelorette party consists of a moment entirely dedicated to the bride , during which all her female friends and relatives will strive to make the future bride feel special and unique < But: how to organize the perfect bachelorette party ? We offer in the article 3 tips which can be a guide for anyone who has decided to organize a bachelorette party.

Choose something that the bride likes

The bachelorette party is a very important moment in the life of a young woman who is about to get married, as it is a wish for happiness that all her friends offer them. The bachelorette party consists of a small party organized by the most intimate friends of the bride, but it is not only this: today in fact even the bachelorette party has undergone an evolution , and from simple dinner at home or in a pizzeria has turned into a real event . In fact, some women choose locations which are also very special for the bride: some organize hen parties in wellness centers , others in sunset locations that allow a aperitif on the shore mare , others still choose to rent a limousine and travel the city between selfies and champagne. But before choosing what to do, you need to understand what the bride likes : it’s her special day, and it wouldn’t be appropriate to drag her into something she doesn’t like. It is better to have something you can be sure of, so you can spend a nice time together.

No bachelorette party the day before the wedding

Tradition has it that the bachelorette party organize the day before or the night before the wedding day . This is counterproductive for everyone because usually both the bride and the guests will have to wake up very early on the wedding day to face make up and < strong> hairstyle , they will have to have a rested face, they will have to do a restful sleep. Moreover, usually the day before the wedding is a day full of events related to the final touches so that everything is perfect: it is a stressful day and maybe the bride would like to dedicate it to take care of the preparations until the last hour, so that every particular is perfect.

Leave an indelible memory

The bachelorette party is an important moment in the lives of all women. That day in fact is a load of emotions prior to marriage that the bride will hardly forget. So why not embellish it with small gifts which, made from the heart, will help make this moment indelible in the mind of the bride? The gifts that are usually given to the bride are complete with lingerie , a little trip , the ticket paid by the others to enter the Casino , the cake bearing the words “keep calm – sono la sposa”, a jewel or something that will surely please the bride. The imperative is indeed to give the bride something she will appreciate : no for example to a plate service < / span> or to a < span style = "color: # 0000ff; text-decoration: underline;"> tablecloth particular as a gift if we know that he has opened a wedding list, yes to a nice scent if yes he is aware of what he prefers.

Even organizing a bachelorette party may not always be easy. We hope then to have provided useful advice to all those who have decided to organize one for their friend who is getting married.

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