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Pillow: guide to choosing the most suitable one

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What could be nicer than waking up in the morning is having a good and genuine breakfast in your mug favorite? a tea, some biscuits, milk and cereals, or a coffee and croissant, breakfast marks the beginning of our day. Better than having a fantastic breakfast is the having a good night’s rest , which if it doesn’t happen can make you feel irritated and nervous all day long. 50% of a good night’s sleep depends on the use of a pillow , commonly called cushion, more suited to our needs: a good pillow must support the head and the neck , helping to keep the spine in the correct position , so as to offer relaxation to the muscles and promote good breathing. The pillow the absolute ideal does not exist, to choose the right one you must start from your own habits , in practice the position in which you sleep, and physical characteristics , such as body and height. In the article we propose the 3 useful tips to choose the most suitable pillow .

Tell me how you sleep and I’ll tell you what pillow you use.

Unlike what happens for a coffee service or for a tablecloth , recommending the most suitable pillow has nothing to do with the aesthetic features it presents: to recommend a pillow you must first understand where you feel most comfortable to sleep . Therefore we speak of thickness of the pillow based on the position in which we sleep. We will then have:


  • Low pillow (10 cm) is great for those who sleep on their stomachs; abundantly reduces the pressure on the neck.

  • Medium cushion (12-13 cm) is great for those who sleep on their backs. It must be lower than the shoulders to give comfort.

  • High cushion (15 cm) is ideal for those sleeping on the side and must be hard enough to keep the head and neck in line with the backbone.

  • The width of the pillow instead should never be less than that of the shoulders .

    What is the best stuff for padding?

    The most popular pillows on the market are in down, latex, synthetic or foam . Let’s look at the features:


    • Feather and down. Feathers come from geese or ducks. The cushion is soft, it deforms and then returns to the starting position. It does not provide much support to the neck: it is suitable for those who sleep on their stomach, but it is not an ideal pillow for those with a robust build.

    • Lattice . It is a material that can have a synthetic, natural or mixed origin. It offers a good support to the head and neck, it is suitable for those who sleep on their side or for those who are tall and have a strong build.

    • Synthetic . Usually the padding is in polyester fiber and is breathable. It is a soft pillow , therefore more suitable for slender people, children and those sleeping on their stomachs.

    • Foam . It is polyurethane and is perfect for those who sleep on their side. Usually on the labels of foam cushions is the wording “ memory foam “: it means that the pillow keeps the shape of the head and neck for about 30-60 seconds when you change position.

      How to keep your pillow “healthy”?

      Pillows, if cared for, can last several years, sometimes even more than 5 years from quisto . To make this happen, at least 3 simple rules must be respected:


      1. Let the pillow breathe . The pillow, to keep its characteristics intact, needs to take air . So before making the bed every morning it is a good habit to air the room and, with it, read, sheets , quilt and pillows.

      3. Cover it with covers . Under the normal pillowcases, you need to cover the pillow with covers that must be washed at least every two months. This extra layer between pillow and neck will tend to make the pillow last longer as protected < / strong>.

      4. Buy a washable cushion . The cushions should be washed at least once a year : this will protect them from dust, mites and allergens , thus helping to give their pillow a long life.

        The choice of an element so important for our rest as the pillow must be weighted so as to maximize the results we expect from this object. We therefore hope to have provided useful advice to all those who are planning to purchase a pillow.

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