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Bathrobe: choice guide

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The bathrobe is one of the essential elements for a kit < / a> that respects which, usually, involves at least one couple. The bathrobe, generally made of sponge, is a middle way between a garment and a towel, which is used after the bath or after a shower to dry. It is a comfortable and useful garment, which gives the shower and the bathroom that extra touch of well-being . Although some do not prefer it and prefer instead to dry with the cloth usually provided in the sets of bath towels , it is one thing to dry quickly with a towel, another thing is to cuddle slowly in the softness of a bathrobe. But choosing a bathrobe is not always easy as there are different elements to consider that we will examine in the article starting from the keywords which are: material; features and dimensions; style.

On the market there are
bathrobes of different materials. The most common are:


  • Sponge . Terry cloth robes are the most common on the market because the material they are made of is particularly absorbent and, moreover, very gentle on the skin. Therefore not only a bathrobe of the kind allows to perfectly dry the skin keeping it healthy, but also to contribute to moments of relaxation after a bath perhaps after a long day of work;

  • Cotton pique . The bathrobes that are manufactured with this honeycomb textile fiber quickly catch the water but leave no wet sensations on the leather, offering a very different feeling than a traditional terry bathrobe as it is much lighter and can be worn for a long time to relax after a bath: they are in fact the most used bathrobes in wellness centers.

  • Linen / Hemp . With these materials, light bathrobes are made, purely summer but not everyone can like them as they can offer not too soft contact with the skin . This type of bathrobe should be used to dry but should be removed after drying, as these fibers, especially when wet, are not ideal to promote skin transpiration .

  • Other materials . There are other materials on the market for making bathrobes, but they have a function in that case that is more aesthetic than non-functional: a silk bathrobe in fact does not have the same absorbent capacity as a terry towel and, therefore, is used more as a garment than as an object having a bathroom function.
  • Facts and dimensions

    Bathrobes can generally be two types : there are models with hood and models without hood < / strong>. The former are usually preferred by men because, usually having short hair, wearing the hood to dry them comfortably. The latter, on the other hand, are preferred more by women because, having their hair long, they tend to dry it with cloths and not with the hood: finding the latter useless, they tend to choose models that are lacking. On the other hand, the dimensions can be the classic ones found on the market: sizes from xs to xxl different depending on the genre. The bathrobes can also be long or short : preferring one or the other does not in any way affect the functionality of the models themselves, so it is all a matter of preferences.

    There are many bathrobes on the market today Color . The choice of color therefore usually depends on the tastes of those who buy, even if the kit usually indicates the purchase of a pair of white sponge bathrobes, functional but also elegant. There are also those who choose the features of their bathrobes based on the furnishing of their bathroom : they are placed on hangers and are used for at least two bathrooms before going to the washing machine. Therefore some prefer a blue bathrobe for example if the bathroom furniture has blue / blue tiles, gray if the decor of your bathroom recalls cold shades, even black for modern minimal furnishings.

    It may seem trivial, but even the choice of a bathrobe may raise doubts. We therefore hope to have been of help to all those who are going to buy this inevitable accessory.

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