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Laundry basket: 3 tips to choose

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When buying items for your home, you always tend to make room for the aesthetic factor : a nice quilt , a nice tea service , a nice bath towel set and so on. When you find yourself facing it, your home becomes aware of how much of the objects we take for granted are actually essential to keep your home tidy . One of these objects is certainly the laundry basket, very useful to collect dirty clothes with discretion . In the article we propose then 3 useful tips that guide to the choice of this so important object indicating three key words: material; capacity; style.

On the market there are several laundry baskets that differ from each other especially for the material with which they are manufactured. Below we list the most common materials :


  • Plastic . Plastic is a particularly suitable element for laundry baskets since the use of this material makes them very resistant , they do not become impregnated with bad smell, they are easily adaptable to the style of your own bathroom / laundry .

  • < span style = "text-decoration: underline;"> Steel . Usually equipped with a lid, these models allow you to hide dirty laundry and avoid unpleasant smells. Moreover, this type of stainless steel baskets give a contemporary touch to furnishing.

  • Fabric . There are baskets for underwear in fabric. This material is particularly practical because the woven baskets are usually removable , thus offering the possibility to easily store them when they are not used. The only negative note is that a woven basket is often impregnated with a bad smell and therefore it is good to wash them periodically .

  • Wicker . The wicker baskets are particularly suitable as laundry baskets since the material they are made of makes them resistant to damp , and therefore suitable in an environment such as the bathroom. Resistant and particular, they are the baskets that lend themselves to a decorative as well as practical function.

  • space
    Capacity is relative to the indication of how much laundry a basket can contain . The choice of the capacity of a basket is related to the needs of a family: it is true that the standard sizes of a basket are 50 liters of volume but it is also true that it is a useless waste of space to buy a basket of this capacity if you live alone and need something less spacious. If instead it is a question of buying a laundry basket for a large family , perhaps made up of six people, then you can opt for a larger laundry basket than the standard size one or buy at least 3 standard baskets to collect a volume of dirty clothes higher than that of a family of three, for example.

    Like a particular candelabra , of an object in crystal or a nice flowerpot , even the laundry basket is today considered a furnishing accessory, an aid to give shape to the style you intend to give to your home. If, for example, your bathroom is furnished in a modern style, you have a steel laundry basket, whereas if you have decided for a shabby decor, you can use a wicker basket or a woven one in warm shades of beige or hazelnut.

    It may seem trivial, but even the choice of a laundry basket can give rise to doubts. We hope then to have provided useful advice to all those who are going to make this type of purchase.

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