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Groom shoes: 3 tips to choose the right ones

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Like the bride, the groom on his wedding day lives his special moment , which is why he once with his future wife took care of the choice of participations , of the floral decorations , of the preparation of the wedding list , and of all that contributes to the realization of the perfect marriage, must worry about itself. Then select the accessories, the groom’s suit and the objects, you just have to choose the shoes to wear on your big day . It may seem silly, but even the choice of groom’s shoes can put before many doubts, and that’s why in the article we propose to provide the guidelines aimed at choosing the perfect pair of groom shoes. Starting from the assumption that groom’s shoes must be chosen following the taste, very personal and subjective, of the purchaser there are a series of useful indications to do not make mistakes that we will develop in 3 points: seam of the shoe, model of the shoe and marriage style.

Sewing: which to make?

The seams for men’s bridal shoes are divided into two categories: Prussian stitching and English stitching . There is no rule that standardizes the choice of one or the other option: the Prussian seam creates the idea of ​​a unique piece in which the tab is in itself; The English seam has instead a tongue as an extension of the upper part of the shoe. We will therefore say that we usually choose a Prussian seam for a wedding with more formal tones , and an English one for weddings a little easier .

Which model do you prefer?

There is no model of men’s shoes preferable to another if not related to the type of ceremony / reception chosen for your wedding. The most popular men’s shoe models are :


  • Oxford model . Traditional model, it is among the most refined ones that hesitate. Smooth model, without ornaments, with Prussian stitching suitable for a classic or a tight dress . It is then preferred for weddings with a particularly formal tone.

  • Derby Model . Model quite similar to the Oxford model as it has strings and Prussian seam, with the difference however that the shoe has a perforated decoration that can only affect the front of the shoe or the entire length of the shoe: in the first case it is a shoe suitable for a classic dress; in the second case it is combined with more modern and eccentric clothes, not with classic or tight clothes.

  • Burford Model . This model is similar to the Oxford model and in fact it differs from the latter only because the seam it presents is an English seam . Therefore it gives the idea of ​​a shoe to be used in less formal contexts.

  • Mocassins . Completely unsuitable for classic weddings, moccasins are only used recently as bridegroom shoes. They should therefore be used in informal settings for easy-tone ceremonies .
  • Based on the style of marriage, which model should you choose?
    When choosing a bridegroom shoe it is right to follow one’s own inclination in relation to one’s personal taste. However, that’s right or adapt theme , decorations, placeholder , car etc to the style of your wedding, even the bridal shoes will have to follow the same rules . If, for example, you have chosen a seaside location that recreates the atmosphere of an informal wedding, it is not advisable to choose a bridegroom shoe in the Oxford model: it is better to prefer a model that fits more like the moccasin; if instead you choose a 5-star hotel as a location, it is better to prefer a model that adapts to the classic and formal tone given to your ceremony.

    It is not easy to choose the type of groom shoes to use for your wedding . We hope then to have provided useful advice to those who are going to wear shoes for their big day.

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