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Wedding accessories, what can not miss for a flawless look

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The smallest details are important on the day of the wedding and after carefully choosing the white dress, it is useful to pay attention to the accessories that go with it. From a necklace, which also respects the tradition of an object given or loaned to the bride, to the earrings, here is what absolutely cannot be missing for an impeccable look.

Inevitable jewels like a choker or bracelets coordinated with bridal accessories

The choice of bridal accessories can vary based on a series of elements, first of all, the desire to respect the most beautiful traditions in terms of marriage. On the one hand, in fact, these traditions are a good omen and on the other, they allow you to choose accessories in an amusing way with the complicity of the mother and her closest friends. A new thing, it is one of the most famous traditions, next to a loan. They play, a very important role compared to the very first wedding accessories that cannot be missed.

In this regard, many brides choose an important white gold necklace , a choker or pearls. Everything also depends on the wedding dress and its neckline. All very beautiful accessories, and that are generally not bought by the bride, but given away or given to respect one of the sweetest marriage traditions. Remaining on the subject, among the most chosen bridal accessories, we also find earrings and bracelets. No matter the model chosen, what is useful to follow in this case, is that these elements are in line with the main series and respect a criterion of simplicity and elegance.

Wedding accessories also very useful for clothing to wear on the wedding day

Traditions and accessories for marriage often go hand in hand. We cannot fail to mention, another very famous superstition like a blue thing. In this case, you can opt for a more discreet choice and that involves the purchase of a comfortable accessory like a blue garter to wear under the dress.

On the subject of clothing, we also find many wedding accessories like tights. More comfortable than stockings, they are to be worn at any time of the year, even in summer and strictly in white. Or even an underwear, always white. Attention also to the type of fabric to choose. The latter must not be glimpsed under the dress and at the same time must give good freedom of movement to the bride during the marriage.

Wedding accessories to enrich even the dress

Other important bridal accessories also concern the wedding dress. The latter, in fact, can be enriched with many small and elegant details such as:


  • Veil. Unmissable in every wedding dress and to be purchased contextually based on the model chosen. Two are the classics that go for the greatest, or long or short bridal veil.

  • Shoes . They must be combined with the wedding dress and can be with stiletto heels for those who prefer also to enhance the height or the brides dancers. In this case, the choice of the accessory is still elegant, but it also favors greater comfort during the marriage.

  • Gloves . It is to be chosen for the same fabric as the veil or the wedding dress. Very elegant, they are recommended especially in the coldest periods of the year.

  • Bolero . There are different models and the choice of the aforementioned accessory is undoubtedly linked to the chosen wedding dress model. The most classic is the Bolero, but there are also options like short sleeves in lace or white satin.

  • It’s a bag? Absolutely not to make this mistake. By tradition, the bride cannot wear a bag. It is in fact required that the same one has only the bouquet in his hands, which then at the end of the ceremony must launch as a good omen to unmarried women. However, nothing prevents you from buying it, always in line with the dress and white as happens with other accessories, and entrust it to a friend, who can deliver it to the bride whenever she requires it.

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