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Wedding cake, what should not miss in this sweet choice?

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The wedding cake represents one of the most exciting moments of the wedding reception. A magical moment, in which the spouses share the last celebrations with all the guests. Often cured entirely by the location that organizes the reception, it presents some important aspects not to be overlooked, such as the taste and the cake-topper.

Wedding cake, location or specialized pastry chef?

It is the symbol par excellence of marriage and a moment that presents intense emotions both for the spouses and for the guests. At the end of the ceremony, in fact, people usually move to a more intimate place and let themselves go to toasts and celebrations in direct contact with the spouses. In the reception hall, it is not always possible to talk with the spouses or have them very close, which is why the moment of the cake is among the most appreciated by guests. Moreover, it is a precious opportunity for the bride and groom to personally thank all the participants and donate their wedding favor in addition to the cake.

The wedding cake requires adequate preparation and first of all, a decision with respect to those who have this delicate task. In most cases, it is the same location that will propose to the spouses, the aforementioned preparation and the types of cakes available. However, there are also spouses who prefer to opt for more specific proposals and rely on a pastry chef specializing in wedding cakes . Whether you prefer to delegate the preparation to the location or to a specialized pastry chef, it is always important to ask for the types offered, focusing not only on the shape (and the mythical plans typical of a wedding cake) but also on the tastes.

The tastes of a wedding cake, here are the choices that are most popular among spouses

The choice of the prevailing tastes of a wedding cake is the most delicate moment for a good preparation and presentation at the reception. This is because it is not only what can be appreciated by the spouses, but also something that can be appreciated by all guests. Among the major choices, the cake design covered with sugar paste and with nice decorations related to marriage. It is also the typical cake on floors on which it is possible to rest even the statuettes of the spouses, to be preserved later as a reminder of this magical moment.

Another option very requested by the spouses on wedding cakes and which follows not only a speech of form but also of taste, is the fruit tart. In this case, it is possible a greater customization by opting for fruit in season which greatly enhances the soft taste. It is also possible to enrich the shape by opting for a heart-shaped cake. Even the millefeuille or sponge cake with cream and cream (or wild strawberries) are very frequent choices in a wedding cake. Also in this case, they combine an excellent option on taste and form. Not to mention, that in most cases, the locations offer nice corners with individual cakes of different tastes, for a valid alternative or addition to the chosen wedding cake.

The cake-topper to personalize your wedding cake with a sweet memory

From taste to cake-topper, here is another nice and precious element that is in fashion right now to personalize the cut of the cake. We refer to the classic statues and that compared to the past, can be chosen with very funny poses. For example, a depiction of a bride dragging the groom by the collar, of the couple on a motorcycle or with sports accessories.

There are also the classic poses held together or hand in hand. Furthermore, from basic newlyweds with features like hair and eye color to be able to buy in specialized shops for weddings or e-commerce, there are also artisans who make personalized cake-topper and that faithfully reproduce the images of the spouses, for a precious memory to keep after the exciting cutting of the cake.

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