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Bride pot set, why point to a top material like steel?

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When we talk about marriage, it is good to evaluate not only everything that revolves around the day of the celebration. In fact, a good set of household items with quality cookware batteries should never be missing. The attention must be placed above all on the type of material, opting wherever possible for solutions such as steel of easier resistance over time and with the advantage of not altering the taste of food during cooking or of favoring the release of substances as harmful as can happen to other materials.

Why is it important to choose the best materials for a cookware set?

We have already dealt with this important topic before: Cookware batteries, what should not be missing in your bride kit. And where we focused on the advantages of buying a set of cookware with respect to the most varied and single pieces and on some of the best brands in trade to be evaluated precisely for the bride kit. In this new article, instead, we want to dwell further on the materials, in order to avoid wrong purchases and harmful to health.

The quality of the materials, in fact, must be in first place for the bride kit and considering that a whole set of batteries, if of good quality, is intended to be used for several years. Aluminum, is a first alternative in this regard, and is considered an excellent conductor of heat or particularly suitable for cooking larger foods. It also has a low cost, which is why it is often chosen for the purchase of the first home pots.

However, this type of material has the disadvantage of being able to be used only for short periods, since it is not advisable to leave the food for too long inside it. The reason? The foods could absorb metal parts of the pan and this can be potentially harmful to health. A similar problem also for another material that is an excellent conductor of heat such as copper. In this case, it is to be considered that food cooking takes place very slowly, creating more dirt inside the pans. This dirt, among other things, is also difficult to remove and not to mention that over time, copper can oxidize and release dangerous toxic substances.

From a set of non-stick pans to stainless steel material

Another material that goes for the most is the non-stick material. Very useful for the easy cooking of many foods, they are also very simple to clean. However, they are also very delicate or tend to get scratched over time. It is in this case, that one must be very careful to avoid that they can release fragments of the material that are harmful to health. But then which one can be considered the best material for a kitchen set to give to our bride for her outfit? Steel is at the top in this sector and has advantages over:


  • Easy cleaning and less scratch-prone, as in the case of non-stick cookware.

  • More immediate washing and removal of dirt than copper pans.

  • They do not absorb odors and are very resistant to the main cooking methods.

  • The excellent quality of the aforesaid material, can also be noted with respect to greater safety in the kitchen, since being simple to wash, can withstand over time and not alter the taste of cooked food or the release of harmful substances during cooking. And the cost? There are different price ranges in this regard that reward the search for quality on a kit destined to last a long time. Not to mention that very important e-commerce channels such as Giordano Corredi, offer a wide selection for the brides kit of pots in steel of excellent quality and of the best brands such as Victor Boyer and Marilù Bombè, without neglecting pure competition on price.

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