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Wedding planner, an increasingly popular figure in support of spouses

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Stressed at the mere thought of the complex organization of a wedding or simply don’t have much time to take care of even the smallest detail? In recent years, highly trained figures such as wedding planners, take care of everything that can make this event unique, carefully organizing every aspect based on the predefined budget.

Who are the wedding planners and why are they enjoying success in Italy too?

Professional figures present above all in America, for some years they have succeeded in conquering our country with their work. To the letter, they are wedding organizers and deal with everything that revolves around marriage, from the realization of the church ceremony to the restaurant reception. Once you know the spouses and their tastes and after having carefully defined a specific budget , the wedding planner starts looking for the best suppliers that fit into the pre-established figures. A very specific task and one of the most stressful of marriage and which, with these important and useful figures, makes it possible to take only the beauty of marriage organization.

Take time to define this element before contacting your wedding planner. Among other things, this figure will know how to best advise you on the choice of the best suppliers based on the established budget. This is because they often have an internal network of collaborations already successfully started. Networks, which re-propose to the spouses with the guarantee not only of obtaining suppliers in that predetermined price range, but also among the most reliable.

The main and most important tasks of a wedding planner in organizing a wedding

The wedding planner does not play a fundamental role only as a reference in defining and respecting a budget or in choosing the best trusted suppliers, but provides a real help in organizing the wedding. Obviously the last word is always the spouses who can confirm the choice of the wedding planner on a supplier or request new quotes. The objective, in fact, is in any case to organize a personal event and as close to the tastes of the spouses while relying on professionals. But what are the main tasks of a wedding planner?


  • First contact with suppliers to request a quote based on the budget chosen by the spouses.

  • Contact with suppliers if the spouses have given their consent.

  • Coordination of suppliers in all the phases that precede the marriage to resolve any unexpected event and make that day perfect.

  • Creation and support of floral decorations in the church and in the restaurant and of the colors or styles chosen by the spouses for the wedding.

  • To advise on the image and all that is related to the makeup and the hairstyle of the brides also in line with the latest fashions in progress.

  • Support the spouses in making a marriage tableau. Important, for a correct disposition of the wedding guests with relative placeholder based on the chosen style.

  • In most cases, a wedding planner is chosen for the entire organization of the event and for the fulfillment of all the main tasks described above. However, there are also wedding planners who, at the request of the spouses, deal only with certain tasks (generally the most complex and stressful ones), while still leaving them to enjoy the organization.

    How to search for the best wedding planner for a wedding organization

    We have spoken several times of defining a budget to be provided to the wedding planner in the organization of the wedding. Inside it, it is also necessary to include the cost that may involve the presence of this figure. This cost may also vary depending on the needs of the spouses to request only certain services or the entire consultancy package for the organization of the wedding.

    However, doing internet research on the best wedding planners , can be important to choose only the best professionals and let yourself be guided in the preparation of the happy event without stress. One of the best in Naples? In the coming days we will reveal one of the most famous and loved by Neapolitan brides.

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