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Wedding placeholders, from etiquette to the most original styles to make them

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Small details like wedding placeholders can make the difference in a perfect organization of the happy event. From nice objects to keep as a souvenir, to efficient systems to avoid confusion during the reception defining for good the disposition of the guests at the tables. The theme chosen for the wedding is fundamental to define the style of the placeholders and on the basis of a close collaboration with trusted suppliers such as the restaurant (also for setting up the related tableau mariage) or typography (to print the names of the guests) on the placeholders).

From the placeholders to the tableau mariage, how to best organize it with the complicity of the restaurant

A lot of complicity with the choice of placeholders can also be made with the restaurant. The latter, a few weeks before the wedding, always requires confirmation of the number of guests. Furthermore, it requires the spouses to indicate a type location based on the number of tables and size of the chosen room.

To this internal list, it is now the practice of many couples, to request the creation of a tableau mariage at the entrance. It is a large panel with the shape of the reception room and the specific layout of the individual guests. It should then be added, the single placeholder, which can show only the first name (in the case, for example, of the table of friends or a couple) or the name and surname (especially in the case of families or in the presence of the same names).

Etiquette on the correct disposition of wedding guests

What does etiquette say about it? First of all, define everything based on the number of guests. For example, if there is a smaller number, you can choose an imperial table or a single place to accommodate all guests. Obviously the central place is up to the spouses, followed by parents and witnesses. In the remaining places, the other guests, who thanks to a useful placeholder, will be able to know where to sit.

Vice versa, for a greater number of guests, the arrangement of the same according to the etiquette is more articulated. In addition to the spouses’ main table in the middle of the room, it provides for the addition of additional tables containing from six to eight people. Closer to the bride and groom, the tables with parents and witnesses and to follow close relatives and friends. Very useful, also to create children’s tables, to which to associate an animation service. Tables for young people, to create even greater interaction between peers if not all the guests know each other, another useful idea.

The placeholders will then be placed on each table to guide the invited individual to his seat. However, with the complicity of the restaurant, tableau mariage will also be organized with the name of the individual guests and the relative table assigned.

Wedding placeholder style, here are some nice ideas

From the organization with the restaurant to the knowledge of the main rules of etiquette, for the choice of wedding placeholders, there is maximum freedom in the choice of his style. There are those who prefer a combination that is in line with the decorations of the restaurant and those based on the favors chosen. If, for example, the theme is marine and the decorations reflect this style, a nice idea of ​​a placeholder may be to place a starfish or piggy-back on each table with the guest’s name on it.

If instead the theme is about travel, a very nice idea is to make small maps with the name of the guests. Very frequent, even the placeholders very similar to the favors and which already contain the printed names of the guests. In the latter case, many printers offer this service to carefully customize the smallest details of the placeholders and create an even more original memory to keep.

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