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Ciro Florio, the most loved and sought after make-up artist by Campane brides

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A guarantee for all brides in Naples, Ciro Florio, is a highly sought-after Makeup Artist for makeup and hairstyle on a woman’s most important day. Very active on social networks and in particular on the well-known Facebook on which he boasts over 20,000 registered people, he presents excellent feedback from those who choose him and his staff for personal care.

A make-up artist who is very attentive to the small details that make the bride unique

On the wedding day, it is among the most beautiful for a bride. Too many, however, are the things to prepare and that can make moments before going to church very anxious. Ciro Florio, is a make up artist , who carries out this work with great passion and who has also passed on to his staff a new way of organizing the whole event around the bride. In fact, it’s not just about making hairstyles and make-up for the bride. Listening to her tastes and evaluating with her how she wants to feel on her wedding day is a priority for every job. Ciro Florio, very carefully assesses what is best for the bride and with tests on hairstyles and make-up, aims to achieve the best result in this regard.

Very attentive also to small details, his hairstyles like shabby chic side tail, loose or gathered hair, allow every bride to feel like beautiful princesses on that day. And on make-up? The attention to the small details of the great make-up artist Ciro Florio does not change. From light tones to dark tones, everything that allows you to enhance the look of the bride without worrying about letting go of a few tears.

Where to admire the splendid works of Ciro Florio on his brides

The splendid works by Ciro Florio can be viewed on his official page by clicking on the bride make-up item. A succession of the most beautiful images of his brides, allows him to touch closely his scrupulous attention even to the smallest detail. Moreover, it is possible to notice different hairstyles and tricks that are personalized according to the bride to exalt only her strengths.

Also on Facebook, there are the most beautiful images of the work of the famous Neapolitan Make up artist. His works include everything the bride needs to understand the style of hairstyles and the most beautiful make-up and adapt it to her body.

Ciro Florio, a guarantee as a make-up artist in many television and theater shows

Ciro Florio, is very well known in the sector and with over 30 years of career . Among the most requested for the preparation of the bride, in everything related to hairstyle and make-up. But not only that, he is a complete artist who over the years has been able to perfect his techniques and make them available not only to brides. It is often present as an official make-up artist in the most important television programs such as Made in Sud or Sanremo. Moreover, he has also specialized as an official make-up artist for the staff of well-known theatrical companies including those of the beloved comedian Vincenzo Salemme.

Where is the salon and how to contact him for an appointment

The main hall of Ciro Florio is located on Corso San Giovanni in Teduccio (Naples) with an opening time ranging from 09.00 to 20.00. There were also other Neapolitan offices in Piazza Carlo Terzo and in Via Morelli, as well as salons in Casalnuovo and Capri.

To contact Ciro Florio and be able to get his splendid hairdressing and make-up services, being guided only by his experience and professionalism and with a staff that will pamper you on the most important day of the bride, it is necessary to plan a free appointment well in advance. We recommend contacting Ciro Florio and his staff at least 9 months before the wedding date.

Contacts can be made on the very popular facebook page by sending an online message and requesting the first information. It is also possible to click in the services section, choosing the desired one between bride make-up, bridal hair or both. Alternatively, you can use your website in the contact section.

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