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Confetti marriage, from favors to confettate, what has changed?

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One of the most important symbols that refer to marriage concerns the confetti. A very ancient tradition that still today plays a decisive role in wishing the best for the new union of the spouses. From the tradition of the white color to the odd number for the favors up to recent traditions like the confettate, today it is impossible to give up this dessert of cooked sugar. In addition, the fillings are among the most varied, and in addition to the classics like almonds and chocolate, they also feature alternative fillings of the best Neapolitan desserts such as Babà or sfogliatella.

Confetti, a symbol of marriage and purity of the bride

A long and ancient tradition that would seem to derive from a product made for pharmaceutical purposes by an Arab. To date, it is an important symbol of good luck for the spouses. In fact, there are those who give confetti to their guests outside the church and those who include them directly in the favor to be delivered at the end of the reception.

The confetti, are small cakes covered externally with cooked sugar and with small details like simple chocolate or almonds inside. Italy, is one of the main producers of confetti and also Campania, finds a good collocation in this regard. Among the most loved Italian confetti? Those of Sulmona, where among other things there is also one of the largest confectionery factories in the whole nation and the Avola confetti (where a sweet filled with precious almonds is also preferred).

Made in different colors, confetti are a very important symbol especially for marriage. In this case, white is chosen as the main color and to indicate in particular the purity of the bride. Moreover, with reference to the Neapolitan tradition, there is the rule of the odd number on the confetti of the favors to wish the spouses fertility for the birth of a child.

The sugared almond, a nice and recent tradition to taste many stuffed sweets

The confetti of a wedding, are the undisputed protagonist of this event and above all in the last few years, they have also been enhanced by restaurants. The latter, in fact, make original pieces coated with a selection of flavors in a specific area of ​​the location. Generally, the candy is made after receipt at the time of cutting the cake. Presented, like a small and sweet buffet that contains many flavors like almonds, chocolate or fruit in honor of the guests.

In addition to bags, the guest himself can choose what to enjoy, alternating many nice selections. The sugared almonds, however, are not to be confused as an alternative to the favors. The latter will be delivered only by the spouses and in any case complete with white and odd numbers, as tradition dictates.

Confetti wedding, here are the new flavors with traditional Neapolitan desserts

Even the tastes of sugared almonds have changed over time and to a classic like almond and chocolate filling, it has more fillings such as:

  • Fruit . Only recently they have been successfully added to fillings of sugared almonds and with fresh and delicious combinations such as coconut, black cherry and raspberry.

  • Sweet . These are new-generation fillings. To the sweet taste of chocolate, they add the flavors of Neapolitan pastry like sfogliatella, Torta Caprese and Babà.

  • Liqueurs. Some important brands of sugared almonds have also decided to focus on fillings with liqueur. In particular, on some of the most famous of the Campano area such as that of Benevento.

  • In addition to the many tastes that make all guests happy, young and old, it should be added that there is also a particular focus on the preparation of confetti. Many, in fact, are also gluten or lactose intolerant and often have had to give up the pleasure of paying homage to the spouses and the gift they provided on confetti after receipt. To date, there are valid alternatives in this regard with options that can finally be enjoyed even by those suffering from these intolerances.

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