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The bouquet of flowers, from the gift to the bride to the launch after the ceremony

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A firm tradition in Campania, it is on the bouquet of flowers of the bride and of the gift from the mother-in-law on the day of the wedding. But there are many others in our region, such as the historic launch of the bouquet after the ceremony or its gift to a dearer friend.

Bridal bouquet, the tradition of mother-in-law’s gift on the wedding day

The tradition still today among the most respected in Campania, concerns the bouquet of flowers of the bride. It is the mother-in-law to have this very important role and to take care of both its realization and the gift on the wedding day. The latter must take place at the bride’s house before going to the church ceremony and represents a sort of homage to the new entry into the family.

While remaining firm the tradition of the gift of the bouquet to the house of the bride , the phase of the choice of the flowers to date is partially changed and it foresees a greater complicity also of the same bride. In fact, flowers are often chosen to match the dress or hairstyle. Furthermore, this typology may in some cases represent the protagonist of the preparation in the church or restaurant. Obviously, it is always to go with the mother-in-law in the store and rely on the advice of her staff to evaluate how to compose it also based on the period of the year in which the marriage will take place.

The launch of the bouquet marries the invited unmarried or as a gift to the most expensive person

The bride’s bouquet, as mentioned above, must be donated by the mother-in-law on the day of the wedding and until the end of the ceremony is the only bride who must guard it. But be careful, the bouquet does not remain for the bride but as a good omen for the guests.

In general, before the cake, the tradition of the launch of the bouquet requires that all the invited couples meet and that the bride, rigorously with her back to him, arranges to throw it. The good omen is that those who collect the flowers can marry within the year. But there is a new tradition that is gradually acquiring more and more points between the young brides or the gift of the bouquet. In this case there is no throwing, but the bride herself decides to give her bouquet to a sister or a dear friend, to wish her luck in love.

Minor traditions but still so fascinating on the bridal flowers bouquet

Minor but equally beautiful traditions to respect concern the flowers coordinated with the bouquet for the groom and the witnesses. In fact, a flower similar to that of the bouquet is to be placed in the buttonhole. This applies to both the groom’s suit and the witnesses. In addition, small copies of the original bouquet , can be made even if bridesmaids are present. Alternatively, the bride can choose to donate them some corsage or a flower bracelet quite similar to the bouquet for bridesmaids. Obviously, this is a gift much appreciated also by witnesses, to be closer to brides.

Other traditions on the bridal bouquet? To choose the type of flower to symbolize love with your spouse. For example, a white rose is typical of pure love, the red rose of passion and the sunflower of fidelity. The type of dress, instead, can define its style for a harmonious choice and in line with the bride’s tastes. In this regard, a round and compact bouquet can be chosen in the case of a short wedding dress or a more voluminous bouquet for a princess wedding dress. Cascaded bouquets are also very popular, especially in the case of the classic mermaid dress.

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