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Neomelodic singers, which are the most requested of the Neapolitan vein

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Let it be a Neapolitan serenade to honor the bride before the happy event with songs under the balcony agreed with the groom or musical accompaniment during the wedding, the neomelodic singers are in great demand in the Neapolitan territory for this happy event. But how did the term neomelodico come about and which are the most requested singers for a wedding?

Neomelodic singers, how the new Neapolitan vein is born

The term neomelodico was created to identify a new category of singers that marked a specific musical context and to create a small split with respect to the traditional style of the old Neapolitan songs. Moreover, they are often singers who represent a neighborhood and who produce melodies with a good rhythm and lyrics in which feeling and love are in the first place.

Highly in demand in town square or neighborhood parties, the neomelodic singer is also very present in personal events such as communions or weddings. Recreating a very folk atmosphere and ensuring the enjoyment of all the spouses and their guests. From songs of their repertoire to songs requested by the spouses, their voices are made completely available to the wedding participants for an unforgettable party.

From Alessio to Rosario Miraggio, the most loved of the moment among the neomelodici singers

The most famous neomelodic singers of the moment? Surely you have heard of Alessio and his first album released in 2002 called “Questioni d’amore”. Very well known also for some soundtracks of the film Gomorra, he also presented among his successes one of his last albums with the name “Everything started with me” and in particular a very romantic song for a wedding and much loved especially by brides like “T ‘ I love forever. ”

Not to mention also a very young child of art and who starts singing from a very young age with his father Franco. Who are we talking about? Di Rosario Miraggio, winner in 1996 of an important award for best emerging voice. In addition, with the album “A Thousand Pieces of the Heart”, also the debut in the field of Italian music.

Tony Colombo and Emiliana Cantone, here are other names among the most loved in the Neapolitan territory

As for Miraggio, among the neomelodic singers who have had their debut since they were very young, Tony Colombo is another name highly rated in the sector. One of the most famous songs and that in terms of marriage is one of the sweetest to hear? “I’ll wait for you at the altar, whose text tells of the emotion of a man waiting for the bride to enter the church and the new bond.

Romantic and passionate, the voice of Emiliana Cantone, classifies the same among the most requested neomelodic female singers of the moment. His debut in 2002 with the song “Just a moment” and up to the launch of a cover of a famous song of the Neapolitan scene as “Reason and Feeling”. To date, she is also active in an important trio with Nancy Coppola and Giusy Attanasio by the name Queen, the queens of neomelodic music.

We could go on for hours and find lots of neomelodic singers worthy of entering this ranking like Nico Desideri or Daniele De Martino, but in this article we also want to highlight some small curiosities about this genre and why it is much loved for a wedding. The neomelodic singers, in fact, are very interactive when it comes to these events and always ready to improvise not only songs of their repertoire. And this, is very loved by the spouses who choose to turn to the neomelodici singers to accompany their event or even for a small and sweet serenade a few hours after the happy union. And do you have a special ranking of neomelodic singers you would like at your wedding or who made your special event?

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