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With Giordano Corredi, the spouses are calm

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Giordano Corredi is a line entirely dedicated to spouses . This new line deals with furnishing new home for the future husband and future wife. Giordano Corredi treats the collections, the kitchen, the bathroom, the dining room and the bedroom.

The collections

With the collections, Giordano Corredi means the fabric of the bedspread, sheets, pillows, quilt or quilt, … full of a style unique . This new line with great spirit , refinement and elegance has many collections with materials precious and decorations in lace Rebrodè , able to make you feel every night on a different country: the Marseille series , the collection Warsaw, Ludovica, Capitonnè, Le Perle Panna, Cristal Grigio, Villa Ada, Pitti, Signoria, Villa Floridiana, Villa Medicea, Swarovsky Panna, Paris White, Paris Gray, Paris Panna, Paris Ecrù, Swarovsky Beige, Swarovsky Gray Swarovsky Black, Swarovsky Red, Montecarlo, Venice Collection, Le Perle Grigio, Cristal Panna, Prague, Dublin, Florence Collection, Warsaw, Diamond Cord, Gray Diamond, Ivory Topaz, Lisbon, Seville, Amethyst, Ivory Jade, Sapphire Cord, Sapphire Ivory , Geneva and the Antwerp collection.


With the design of the new kitchen, Giordano Corredi has thought of steel as the main material for kitchen utensils. On Giordano Corredi you can buy a pot or a complete set of pots, all of excellent quality . Even here, Giordano Corredi has various collections, each of which is composed, with guarantee and maintenance , of pots with an airtight lid, a high casserole and a frying-pan, the grater, … Giordano’s collections Corredi are: Diadema Avorio Victor Boyer cookware set, Diadema Black cookware set Victor Boyer, Marilù Bombè and the Marilù Dinamica set.


For the bathroom sector, Giordano Corredi has many collections of towels, most often combined with the sleeping area. These towel sets are very refined and elegant : there are the Virage, Saint Devote, Rascasse and Mirabeo towels from the Montecarlo Collection; the Swarovsky collection; the Princess collection; Villa Medicea and Villa Floridiana with their relative sleeping areas; the Signoria collection; the Bottnipe collection and a pair of Ludovica towels with the relative sleeping area.

The dining room

For the new couples who go to the wedding, Giordano Corredi helps to define the style of the room where you eat. On occasion he proposes his Arcobaleno section, a complete set of dishes, tablecloths, breadbasket, glasses, cups and cutlery all colorful . With Giordano Corredi we have the set of Arcobaleno Arancio, the set of Arcobaleno Blu, the one in Giallo, the one in Giallo, the one in Grigio, the one in Lilla and the set of Arcobaleno Rosso cutlery, cups, plates and glasses. These objects contribute to the company of your table.


Giordano Corredi has also thought of the bed, a rest area for the bride and groom. Why not offer a hot , soft and comfortable quilt or < strong> quilt ? This is the question posed by Giordano Corredi for his clients, ensuring a peaceful rest. Giordano Corredi uses the most refined and elegant collections in this sector. His collection of quilts and quilts varies according to the taste and desire of the client, also contributing to the freshness of room from bed of future spouses. Giordano Corredi owns the quilt from the Le Perle Grigio collection, the quilt from the Le Perle Rosa collection, the warm quilt from the Cristal Panna collection with woven fabric and pearls, the quilt from the Rebrodè collection, the Vienna Beige quilt and quilt, the quilt and the quilt Vienna, the Astrid quilt, the Swarovsky Red quilt and quilt, the Frida colored quilt, the Black Swarovsky quilt and quilt, the Diana quilt, the Swarovsky Gray quilt and quilt, the Claire quilt and quilt, the quilt and the Swarovsky Beige quilt, the soft Charlotte quilt, the Parigi Panna quilt and quilt, the Diana quilt, the Paris White quilt and quilt, the Paris Ecrù quilt and quilt, the quilt and Parigi Gray quilt, the Swarovsky quilt and quilt, the quilt and the Capitonné quilt.

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With Giordano Corredi the rooms of your home will be simple , elegant and your harmony .

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