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Wedding estimate? Here are 3 simple steps

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When you decide to get married the elements to be taken into consideration are really many , very different among them and often difficult to decide. This is because, by marrying for the first time in life, we have no precise idea of ​​what is needed: we are not wedding planners, we do not do this by trade, and therefore it may happen that something is forgotten or that the situation get out of hand , especially with regards to what is the decided budget for expenses . What we propose in the article then are 3 very simple moves that will allow you to organize the budget of your wedding , excellent guideline to start.

Establish the type of ceremony and style

The first thing to do is to understand what kind of ceremony we intend to organize for our wedding : do we prefer a location overlooking the sea with a formal style wedding? Or do we want to opt for a simple ceremony, with a few intimates, with a style that recalls the themes of Boho Chic? Deciding precisely what kind of ceremony you want and the style that goes with it is essential to begin to understand how much of your budget you dedicate to this particular theme.

Establish priorities

For our wedding we would like to have everything we have always dreamed of. But if this is not possible due to a limited budget it follows the need to give priority to certain elements which we consider to be more important or even essential than others. While for example the sugared almond is an element that may or may not exist, what cannot be missed is the photo shoot. Therefore, give proper weight to your priorities.

Guest List

It will seem trivial, but making a list of guests is essential in order to understand how much we’re going to spend for our wedding reception. In fact, the presence of some people is often taken for granted, but perhaps even that day they will be unable to come, or instead the absence of some people is given for certain, who may then present themselves without you having given prior notice. Therefore, decide for yourself who your guests will be and, based on this, organize a precise list of guests.

It is not always easy to have everything related to your marriage under control. We therefore hope to have provided useful advice.

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