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Naming tables: 3 essential things to know

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The day of your wedding is finally here and everything you were going to do is been perfectly organized and cared for down to the smallest detail : from the dress to the shoes, from the participations to the catering, from the favors to the candy, from the location to the honeymoon. There are some small things but yet to be defined and that should be done before the wedding day: among these is the question of naming tables for your reception. How to do it? Below we offer 3 indispensable elements to keep in mind so as not to make mistakes.

What you love

The first thing the spouses have to do is sit together, pen and paper in hand, and indicate for writing what they love : a hobby, a singer, a literary genre, works of art. Since your wedding must represent what you are , it is essential to name the tables by choosing something you love: for example, if you are a lover of a specific literary author, you can name the tables with the titles you prefer more, or if you particularly like a sport that you do together, you can name the tables with the names of the exercises you usually do.

Respect the theme

If you have decided for a theme in particular for your wedding you cannot name the tables for your reception without taking them into account : This is because you can choose names that clash with the chosen theme , which can give you an idea of ​​confusion. For example, if you have chosen flowers as the theme of your wedding, it would be good to name the tables with the names of the flowers you love most. Everything will be ordered and linked by a common thread that will give a complete idea to your wedding .

Don’t change your mind

A really unproductive thing to do is change your mind at the last minute : you’ll have to re-contact the printer, your wedding planner, the location, the decorator. That is, you will put in motion a machine that had already moved in another direction and that had completed its path: this will cost you time, effort, stress and above all money that you can instead use in something different. Therefore, be truly convinced of what you have chosen .

Choosing the names to give to the tables of your wedding is not always easy: we hope then to have provided useful information.
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