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Hen party: 3 rules to organize a perfect one

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Marriage is upon us and everything you have organized is finally ready: invitations, favors, dress, car, placeholder, menu etc. The only thing you need is a bit of fun to relieve stress, along with your old friends. Therefore, what you need, is a perfect bachelorette party . But what will your friends have to do to make the day of your bachelorette party really special? Here are three tips to organize the perfect bachelorette party.

A party for everyone

At the hen party there will be friends and acquaintances of the bride. Not everyone will be willing to take a trip, to celebrate it. Therefore, think also of those who want to participate, but without overdoing it . For example, having a dinner together, making her believe that this is the evening of the bachelorette party, to then make the surprise trip and continue the festivities, with a small group of friends. If instead, even among the very close friends there is no budget to celebrate the bride with expensive trips, abandon the idea or choose goals that cost little , but using so much your creativity.

Pay also for the bride

The bachelorette party is the gift you friends give to the bride to celebrate it. Therefore it is a good idea to avoid having the bride pay that day and offer you for her : this will first of all let the bride not know how much you spent, which is very elegant, and give her a nice gift for distract her from the stress of the preparations.

Give proper notice

Warn the bride , if you need to get rid of other commitments one night whole and you know he might have trouble doing it. It is a must to warn you in time if your friend has to ask for leave from work, in order to leave a few days. Just agree with everyone because no secret is revealed: don’t reveal any details. Decide on a specific date by which anyone will be able to join the bachelorette party program . Don’t go beyond that deadline: there are always those who want to take a little more time, but in this way you risk not being able to find a place in a room or on a flight. At most, if there is any way, the latter will come together later.

It is not easy to organize a bachelorette party: with these 3 golden rules you will be but really sure not to make mistakes.

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