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Bride: yes or no to false eyelashes on your wedding day?

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On their wedding day brides want to feel magnificent, unique, splendid , the most beautiful in the world and they deserve it, because in life one gets married once, and it is right to want to be the only real protagonist of one’s special day . For this to happen it is essential to choose a dress that stands out on its body, a hairstyle that points to enhance the veil, a make-up that enhances the strengths of one’s face. And speaking of makeup, there is an element that divides opinions even if it was a political debate: l and false eyelashes. Yes or no?

Yes, if natural

Which woman would not like to have a femme fatale look ? However, not all women have very long lashes that just a touch of mascara is enough to be perfect. Many women also have few eyelashes and absolutely no volume. Yes, however, to the fake eyelashes applied by a professional , which does not make our eyes too heavy and artifact.

Yes, but for tufts

Instead of preferring a bridge-eyelash that makes us look more like a stripper than a bride, ask your beautician the application of tufts of false eyelashes that can give a touch of glamor to a look that still remains as natural as possible.

No, if they don’t donate

Not all of them are given false eyelashes, maybe because they have a little too sensitive eyes that can’t bear the management of this element which is, in any case, artificial. To avoid discomfort and discontent, if you really want eyelashes that attract a little more attention you can focus on a permanent eyelash or on a good mascara applied so that the look is to be exalted as much as possible

False eyelashes, a make-up accessory that has become commonly used, is often used to enhance the look of brides. Yes to this element, if it gives, no instead, if it is too artifact.

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