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Marriage: 3 ideas for setting up a children’s table

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When we talk about marriage we always tend to focus on the needs and needs of adults , often leaving the needs of children in the shade which are just as important for a successful marriage: our little guests are the ones who make us smile and have fun all day long . Why shouldn’t they also have their own properly set up dining table? In the article we offer 3 ideas to make the children’s table perfect .

Different menu

The first thing to think about when talking about the children’s table is what they should eat . The tastes of children are not able to perceive as good dishes too spicy or very particular as it happens for adults: can you imagine a child who on Saturday night asks for the fast food sandwich to taste a piece of raw fish? Obviously the children’s menu must be diversified : simple, genuine, familiar, familiar flavors.

Table with games

It is not easy to keep a table with 12 children at bay all together and without the aid of their authority parents. How to do? The best thing to do, if the location does not provide it, is hire animators who, professionally prepared, will be able to attract children to the table with games: colors, watercolors, interactive toys, promises of prizes if you answer the questions rightly. Animators are essential if children are to be managed but having fun.

Balloons and soap games

What attracts a child more than colored balloons of various shapes and soap bubbles? Children can be dedicated both things in such a way that, between courses on the menu, distracts themselves while having fun .

Children in a marriage are just as important as adults, and that is why they must enjoy the same attention as in enjoy the adults.

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