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Marriage anxiety: how widespread is it?

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The preparations for your wedding are almost coming to an end : the participations have been sent , the wedding favors ordered weeks ago arrived, the menu was agreed and the final touches to the location are really perfect. But one night you go to sleep, and something torments you, but it’s nothing to do with preparation. Anxiety, nervousness, even tears, but what’s going on ? Reflect and suddenly you realize you are afraid to get married . What does it depend on?

Marriage anxiety

Don’t worry, you have a small wedding anxiety attack . At first it will seem like you are going crazy and you will wonder how it is possible that you are afraid of the very day you have dreamed of. But is it really so strange ? You are about to turn your life upside down, start living with a person, take responsibility for yourself until yesterday, and face the joy but also the difficulties of becoming parents. It is not as crazy as you think, it is indeed very common to feel agitated for a while before the wedding , and there is nothing to worry about or be ashamed of. In fact, more than one couple said they were afraid of the approach of the wedding day, and even if this were not the case, it is human to be frightened by a new situation . So come on, don’t break down.

Marriage anxiety: how to fight it

It may happen that the fear of getting married occurs one night when you are particularly nervous, but it can also happen that it lasts for a little longer period. If this happens do not be alarmed, and try follow these few tips :


  • Talk . Talking with your mother, a friend, your father, your boyfriend of this fear of yours is positive because you will have the opportunity to let off steam, to have an advice, not to keep everything inside you and burst into tears suddenly between the general concern. < / span>

  • Detach . Take a day for yourself: go for a manicure, a massage, a walk with your dog, a coffee with a friend and for a few hours don’t talk about marriage. Sometimes all the preparations can be really heavy and that’s why you need to take a little break.

  • Have fun . First of all, marriage must be a fun thing, both before and during. Stress and nervousness should not take over because otherwise it seems almost normal for you to get anxious.
  • Marriage anxiety is very common, so you should definitely not feel wrong but rather react and think only about how wonderful you will be on your special day.

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