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Winter wedding: how to take care of your skin

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Here we are at winter season sent: snow, cold, rain, but also surprising and happy sunny days. Precisely these sudden temperature changes can be very dangerous for the skin , and especially for the face of a winter bride. The choice to get married in the winter can be shared or not, it is certain that in the article we will take care of giving tips for a perfect skin care to all the women who have decided to get married in the winter.

A good facial

The best thing to do to avoid redness, cracked skin and dry lips, is take care of your skin for the whole period before the wedding . A good facial treatment to be performed regularly at least once a week is therefore essential. This is associated with a daily skin care routine : remove make-up residues with a good cleansing milk, use a tonic for sensitive skin, apply a good nourishing night cream to the face. You will arrive on your wedding day with a real porcelain skin.

Hand and foot treatments

Even the rest of the body is as important as the face. Hands and feet in particular must be extremely cared for : hands because that day will be the protagonists in different moments both of the ceremony and of the reception, and the feet because if not properly cared for they will lead to the onset of pain which will spoil many moments of your special day. Although less exposed than the hands, the feet still need a very important care between cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing creams just like the face even with so-called foot masks to wear even at night, with particular exfoliating and softening effects.

Be careful with makeup

Winter brides must pay particular attention also to the type of make-up to be adopted every day : makeup can be considered an important barrier against the cold, helping our skin to defend itself. But be careful not to overdo it and not to use products that are too oily : you could run into the danger of the formation of impurities then difficult to fight

Getting married in winter has its pros and cons. Surely it is necessary to protect yourself from the cold and we hope, with this article, to have provided useful advice to all the winter wives.

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