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Location for wedding: 3 useful tips to choose the best

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One of the elements that surely has everything to do with marriage is the decisive choice of location for your own wedding : a characteristic mountain landscape surrounding a small elegant villa, or prefer a majestic hotel overlooking the sea? Choosing the location for your wedding is not as simple as you may think , which is why we offer 3 useful tips to choose the location for your wedding .

Choose what we like

The first and, by far, the most important advice regarding the choice of the place to celebrate your wedding reception is to choose what we like best . A nothing worth advice from friends and relatives, acquaintances, or opinions if then the proposal falls on something that does not convince us, as we can negotiate on many other things, but not really on the location that will see at least 80% of the our special day . If we do not love the mountains, we simply do not choose it, and if instead we love a soft and not very formal atmosphere, we do not choose places that impose a label that is too rigid.

Respect the budget

The second tip that we feel we propose is to choose a location that respect the budget that we have decided to impose on ourselves , out of necessity or to avoid exceeding. So let’s not even dare to visit some locations that we certainly know we can’t afford because we’ll have a double counterproductive effect : we would be disappointed for not being able to choose what we want and feel in guilt for not feeling happy with what we would choose. Your wedding day must have one and only one imperative: being happy . We do not therefore make a commitment to do something that purposely spoils this happiness. theme

Choose a suitable location

A suitable location must be from different points of view . First of all, the location must adapt to the theme that we have decided will dominate our wedding: I cannot choose a location on the hill if my wedding is about the sea; it would be unsuitable and it would seem a little bit to everyone that there is something out of place, which is wrong; the location must also be suitable in the sense that it must adapt to our needs : do not choose for example places that do not allow variations to the menu and that cannot be adapted to your food needs or those of your guests. Lastly, a suitable location is a location that is not too far away and whose achievement is prevented for reasons of a different nature: the day of your wedding must pass calmly and serenely without major obstacles that harm it serenity.

Choosing the location for your wedding is not always that simple. We therefore hope to have provided useful advice for all those who are going to choose the location for their wedding.
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