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Used wedding dress: is it the right choice?

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When you decide to get married, of course you have to count the most disparate expenses : participations, wedding favors, cars, clothes, locations, etc. It even happens to not have a budget that is so important as to allow the bride to buy a new dress . Do not be discouraged: is the person who makes the dress , just have a little imagination. Choosing a used wedding dress is not a wrong choice, on the contrary: if you have a little imagination and some little help a used dress can be transformed into a beautiful dress that seems to be made just for you. < / span>

Used dress: choose the one that best suits your body

When deciding to buy a wedding dress the best thing to do is try different and try to understand which model is best suited to your physicality: no to princely models, for example, if you don’t have a slender body, yes to sinuous shapes (mermaid, tight-fitting dress) if you have an hourglass physique. Once you find the dress that manages to highlight your beauty, contact a trusted seamstress asking to change small details or add new ones in order to personalize the dress that will no longer even seem a used dress.

Used dress: vintage is in fashion

Why not choose a vintage used dress ? We live in an era in which we obtain everything and immediately, with little effort, and without lifting a finger. Why not choose a past era and refer to the values ​​of a world that belongs to us and that we can no longer see ? The ideals of the early 1900s, the economic boom of the 1950s, the dignified poverty of the war years. Everything was conquered differently, and we could pay tribute to past eras by choosing a vintage dress, whose taste and material take us back to the past with the mind, in a magical and timeless atmosphere.

Used dress: that of the mother

Why not choose to use for your wedding the same dress that our mother had worn 20 years before to go to the altar and seal love with our dad during their “yes, I want it”? It could be a truly magnificent idea, a bridge between two generations , a family tradition to hand down, a story that will come true. Obviously the dress will have to be adapted to the physical characteristics of the new bride, but the choice to wear her mother’s wedding dress will contribute to achieving an even stronger bond than the existing one.

Choosing a used wedding dress can give rise to different, wonderful, opportunities for sharing and is therefore the right choice for all those women who want to give a extra touch of magic to their wedding.

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