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Maison Magic: when the choice of a wedding dress becomes a fairy tale

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One of the most difficult and most beautiful moments for a bride is what concerns < strong> the choice of a wedding dress : a thousand doubts, a thousand proven dresses, right shoes, right accessories and … nothing, we are still not convinced. Contacting the right atelier to choose your own wedding dress is essential in order to easily find the dress of your dreams. In particular, in Naples there is an atelier that for over 50 years has succeeded in fulfilling every bride’s dreams: we are talking about Maison Magic , an atelier that offers a large number of Italian and international wedding collections.

Maison Magic: the story

Located today in an elegant 20th century building in Via Vittoria Colonna , the atelier was born in 1967 it now boasts more than 50 years of experience that has made it a reference point for every girl who wishes to get married. The venue has changed and today it is located in one of the nerve centers of Neapolitan shopping ; but what has not changed is the sobriety and elegance of the spaces , designed to enhance the preciousness of the clothes by welcoming future brides in an intimate and refined environment . < / span>

Maison Magic: the mission

In Naples, the dreams of young brides become reality in an Atelier with luminous and ethereal atmospheres, where refined and precious woodwork Hungarian-style floors characterize the interior of classical style . Enhancing the content and not the container: this is the assumption that inspired the new headquarters of Maison Magic, the historic store of wedding dresses in Naples.

Why choose Maison Magic?

3 are the basic reasons why a bride should choose this studio to decide which should be your wedding dress. We list them:


  • Wide selection: In the atelier you will find a wide selection of clothes bridal of Italian and foreign brands of various famous brands in the world: dresses whose features and fabrics are adaptable to any bride, whatever her physique. The bride is followed by the staff with great professionalism until the day of the wedding and, more importantly, the atelier presents a flexibility to be able to allow their brides to personalize clothes by adapting them to their personality.

  • High tailoring: The atelier allows its brides not only to “guess” l ‘just dress, but to personalize it by creating an effect of uniqueness, passing through a great and important tailoring .

  • Best prices: What perhaps makes this atelier a place where to make the story of every bride become reality are the prices , the best on the market, which allow brides who have a limited economic possibility to have their happy ending and to be elegant and refined brides, even at a moderate price.
  • Choosing your own wedding dress is never as easy as you think. But what can facilitate this choice is to decide for a studio like Maison Magic that can transform your dreams into reality .

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