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Christmas centerpiece: ideas to choose the perfect one

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Oh yes, the first Christmas as a married man is not hard to forget : the new house, all yet to be discovered, and the first Christmas decorations to buy. The tree, the balls, the festoons, the lights and the small puppets depicting penguins, polar bears and flirty snow will embellish your home. And the first Christmas dinner? Why not invite all the relatives to inaugurate your thing during the holidays? If you have chosen to do so, your Christmas table cannot fail to include a beautiful Christmas centerpiece . In the article we propose ideas to choose the perfect centerpiece.

The centerpiece: the colors to choose

One of the key elements to consider when choosing a centerpiece are the colors with which you they chose to decorate their homes: for example, if we decided to decorate our Christmas tree with red and white balls, bows and ribbons, the centerpiece must be chosen respecting these colors .

The centerpiece: composition

If you have chosen to organize the Christmas dinner in your new home, you can only choose formal elements and timeless that will give elegance to your table . So we must consider the essential elements with which to compose the centerpiece. And they are:


  • Underplate , perhaps with a particular edge, made of metal or glass in the colors chosen for the rest of the chosen decorations;

  • Colored candles , in the same nuances as the decorations, which give warmth and character to your centerpiece ;

  • Leaves , fake or true, which will give your table center a really winter touch; < / span>

  • Balls or crystals , of the same type as those present on the tree, which immediately recall the style you have chosen to give your home for Christmas;
  • Once you have managed to get all the items, you can arrange them according to a plot, an order, a criterion that you yourself will choose.

    Choose a centerpiece that fits the cutlery

    Let’s say you have decided to buy a specific cutlery service to use for special occasions and that the color tends to gold: you will certainly not be able to combine it with a centerpiece that has a dominant color like blue. The centerpiece should be matched to your cutlery: if they are gold then, a centerpiece that recalls that particular color or is of a neutral color is fine; if the cutlery is silver instead, it is better to opt for a centerpiece in cool colors, such as white, blue, silver.

    Choosing a centerpiece to set the Christmas table may seem a simple and certain undertaking, it is: if they respect each other however certain parameters we have tried to list.

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