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The Venus of Berenice: the kingdom of the wedding dress

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When you get married, women first need to feel like a bride in every way . To do this it is not enough to choose the location or the participations or the favors: the one that always gives in the collective imagination identifies a bride is the choice of the wedding dress . Lace, lace, organza, trapeze, mermaid, the wedding dress is the element that more than any other creates expectation between guests and future husband . Therefore, relying on a serious and competent atelier is the best way for a bride to be sure she has made the best choice, and one of the ateliers that more than many others takes on this onere and this honor is the atelier “The Venus of Berenice” .

The Venus of Berenice: history

More than 35 years of experience distinguish La Venere di Berenice: a tradition started with Antonio Bassano, continued with his daughter Tina and reached the nephews Antonio and Francesco. A story made of quality tailoring, passion, elegance, and timeless style. The atelier goes beyond the simple fashions of the moment blending together tradition and innovation .

The Venus of Berenice: attention to the bride

The Venus of Berenice is an atelier whose attention to needs, requests, doubts and, why no, the whims of the bride helped make the staff unique. Competent, shrewd, human people will follow the woman from the first appointment until the dress is delivered, certainly respecting the requests and tastes of the bride, but they will also be able to say a sharp “no” to requests that do not match the client’s physicality, and in the end it is also this that makes the staff of real professionals: advise and help the client in the guide to the choice of the dress that is truly, in every way, suitable for the body and the features of the person.

The Venus of Berenice: the brands

The Venus of Berenice is a atelier that presents the best known bridal gowns , both Italian and foreign: you will find Blumarine, Mariella Burani, Carlo Pignatelli, Jenny Packham and many other bridal system brands. For this atelier, every bride has her story, her style, her dream, and that’s why the visit to the atelier is a personalized experience : before the test, the person in charge of the staff will want to know something about you, how you are organizing the wedding, the location and the date, and only then will your visit move to the dressing rooms to start the wedding dress test session. All the dresses are made with fine materials, the result of the creative flair of the best designers of the moment . Together with the dress, the staff will be happy to guide you in choosing the most suitable accessories and make-up and hairstyle for the dress you have chosen. The staff will stand by you until the day of the fateful yes, witnesses of the long and happy work that will have led you to choose the dress for which your eyes have shone.

The Venus of Berenice: the locations

The Venus of Berenice has 4 locations to choose from, so you can go to the one closest to your home . The boutiques are located like this:


  • Naples-Via Epomeo . Opening times: Mon to Sat 10: 00/13: 00 and 16: 00/20: 00

  • Naples-Via Duomo . Opening times: Mon to Fri 10: 00/13: 30 and 15: 30 / 19.30; Sat 10: 00/13: 30

  • Naples-Sannazaro . Opening times: next opening December 2017

  • Avellino- Mercogliano . Opening times: Mon to Fri 10: 00/13: 00 and 16: 00/19: 30; Sat 10: 00/13: 00
  • The Venus of Berenice receives by appointment , easily negotiable by telephone or by reservation at the dedicated item on the website.

    The choice of the wedding dress is one of the most important moments important in the organization of a wedding and the La Venere di Berenice atelier will be happy to support their brides, from the early stages of the choice.

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