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Ciro Florio: the make up artist of brides

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Make-up is one of the essential elements for a bride: besides the dress and hairstyle, in fact, make up is the element that more than any other, it makes a bride feel, on her special day, the real queen . In Naples in particular, there are several make-up artists who, with their experience and their passion, have made love for this profession a real strong point . Among many, the name of Ciro Florio stands out perhaps more than many others for the professionalism, the attention to detail and the passion that it puts into every single stretch of eye-liner, of lipstick, of foundation.

Ciro Florio: who is he?

artistic experience , originality and the ability to transform and shape the shape and the material are the qualities that have always characterized the name Ciro Florio, esteemed and appreciated in all areas of artistic make-up. The numerous experiences in the bridal makeup , cinematographic make-up , theatrical and fashion make-up , have consecrated the work of professional training, commitment main make-up artist, making him one of the most appreciated figures in the make-up universe . Point of reference for make-up artists and stylists, today Ciro Florio signs his creations for many film artists and theatrical , as well as for many more and more demanding brides. The bridal make-up in particular made it popular among the many girls who, on the verge of getting married, chose the magical hands of this man .


Ciro Florio is the son of the esteemed hairdresser Mario Florio . In 1953 Mario started working at the hairdresser Ciro Teselli. The salon is located in via San Giovanni in Teduccio, at the time a seaside area of ​​Naples. During his work at Teselli, Mario stands out among the staff, quickly reaching the role of manager of the activity . Despite having achieved this success, in 1961 at the age of 23, Mario decided to open his own business. In 1962 he opened his own shop in San Giovanni a Teduccio, where he still works today with his son Ciro < / strong>. And it is precisely that salon that today Ciro takes care of make up of his many customers, becoming, if possible, even more famous than his dad.

The present

Ciro Florio has today inaugurated two new salons : the one in Martyrs’ Square in Naples and the one in Capri , a new meeting point on the most beautiful island in the world. And it is in Capri that many divas and stars meet Ciro Florio to be satisfied by the creative flair and the extreme professional culture of the make-up artist. In addition to being a make-up artist official for TUTTO SPOSI, the biggest bride fair in Italy, Ciro Florio collaborates with great international designers .

The technique

Ciro Florio makes use of the most avant-garde techniques and materials for the care of his brides make-up: it allows every woman who is getting ready to live his special day choosing with him the colors and the most suitable dynamics for the face, the way to enhance their features and peculiarities . Every woman can feel unique, and if there is something that does not convince, Ciro gives the opportunity to make a test to understand what the woman who, for her wedding, has chosen the his professionalism.


Anyone who needs to get in touch with one of the most talented men in bridal make-up, can easily look for contacts on his internet site, on various social networks on which it is present or simply by calling the telephone numbers provided to make an appointment .

Bridal make-up is one of the essential elements on a bride’s big day. If you are about to get married, the skill and skill of Ciro Florio will surely be for you: you will feel beautiful and, at least once in your life, perfect .

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