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Lino Nasti: the king of the Neapolitan Make up

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In Naples there is a boy who has made his own passion and his natural propensity to see beauty in everything on which his eyes rest a real profession : we are talking about Lino Nasti , better known by the name of LinoNastiMakeupartist, who with almost 126,000 followers on Facebook is, to date, the most appreciated and sought after make-up artist by the women of Naples and not only: it has carried out work moving to every part of Italy realizing the dream of brides, women now no longer so much young, and very young girls fascinated by his talent . Of course, Lino Nasti is not the only talented make-up artist in Naples, but there are valid reasons why, to date, he is perhaps the most appreciated.

Linen, simply

What attracts women most is, besides the fact that this guy has real talent in his never, that Lino is simply himself , a humble and sweet boy who never hid who he is, which is why he is loved so much. With the delicacy of his words that sometimes border on poetry, he has made being himself a real trademark , which makes him so human in the eyes of the people. It is not difficult in fact, sifting through his facebook page, to find numerous comments both of men and women who congratulate with this boy before for his skill, above all and above all for his humility , for its simplicity , for its being any one, despite its notoriety .

Linen, talent

Just look at any of Lino Nasti’s works to realize how much his hands have added value, almost as if to ensure that J. Lo did with his butt at the time. And speaking of J. Lo, it is from show business stars that Lino draws his inspiration: Jennifer Lopez, the Kardashian sisters, Rita Ora and, first of all, Beyoncè Knowles (a real myth for the boy who in fact also has a tattoo that represents the face of the star) are the women taken for example to achieve the most beautiful tricks , with the intent to make women who make up the real stars of music, cinema, television feel even for a few hours. Indeed, there are not so many photos in which Lino compares the face of the woman he painted with that from which he took inspiration: sometimes the details are so similar that finds it hard to recognize who is who , a true marvel.

Linen, the technique

The technique used by Lino concerns above all the highlighting the peculiar features of the face of every woman who chooses him for his wedding, for a particular occasion, for a special evening. What then differentiates Lino is the use of colors, eye shadows, lipsticks, foundations and instruments of the best brands , whose texture and hold is tested by this guy personally, also in video demonstrations: Lino is in fact used to make direct social media in which he makes himself in order to demonstrate the value and quality of the products used . The techniques are in the vanguard: contouring, points of light, false eyelashes, lipsticks and pencils that make women’s faces a real masterpiece .

Linen, contacts and info

If you want to know everything about this guy about rates, contacts and the possibility of making an appointment you can easily consult his facebook page and the various social networks where he is present and send a message or make a phone call: he will answer himself or his mother who takes care of business and appointments on behalf of this wonderful boy. Or you can go directly to his store , in the center of the city of Naples.

Do you have to get married and don’t have a trusted make-up artist yet? Will you graduate shortly and want to be radiant that day? Next month will be your wedding anniversary and you want to amaze your husband by resembling his favorite actress for a day? Lino Nasti is for you , a humble and talented guy who made being himself his business card.

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