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The Florentine Kit: a name, a guarantee

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Florentine manufacturing has made Florence is the most popularly known place for the quality of the objects it presents. And it is from this consolidated tradition that Florentine Corredo is born, which dictates fashions and refers to traditions in the creation of the most beautiful outfits. That said, for anyone who wants to make the perfect kit embellishing it with elements that refer to the Florentine outfit, what can be said to be truly indispensable?

The bride’s dowry: the perfect kit

From the beginning of the twentieth century the families of the couples who decided to get married , before joining them in marriage, they stipulated in writing the “matrimonial chapters”, for the “security of the dowry, of the endowing, of the bride, and of the children who will be born from it …” With this ancient act, dating back to Lombard law, the bride’s family agreed and quantified the dowry and her kit with the future groom , which consisted of houses, land, property, silverware, etc. or from cash. The dowry was an indispensable baggage and mandatory for the bride and a necessary burden for fathers and siblings: not having it was a real tragedy for a woman , an obstacle in finding an husband. Obviously the dowry was proportionate to the possibilities of the bride’s family and to the social status of the groom to whom it was granted. After the wedding, the dowry did not become the property of the groom but it was only managed by him: when he died the dowry was returned to the wife who from that moment was free to dispose of it. If instead the wife died before, without having given birth to children, the husband was required to return the dowry to the bride’s family . In fact, even the husband was required to give his wife a “counter-dot” and a maintenance that the wife needed to cope with to his needs. Before the marriage was celebrated, the detailed description and the total value of the dowry and of the marriage kit were the subject of a deed before the notary who contained:


  • the promise of marriage;

  • the establishment of dowry and marital allowances;

  • the woman’s renunciation of hereditary claims on the assets of her family, even if this part was optional.

    Often the marriage chapters were accompanied by a list compiled by hand by a family or friend, able to write, where the assets in fabrics, furniture, household objects were summarized. in short, the Kit assigned to the bride. Today, however, things turn out very differently because the bride is freely given the choice of deciding everything she thinks best suited to the construction of her kit and, therefore, of her dowry, and the concept of dowry also comes to miss giving more and more space to the idea of ​​a series of essential elements for one’s own home, such as quilts , sheets < / span> and cushions , chosen and paid for by both cones ugi.

    What can’t you do without?

    The Florentine Kit tends to indicate elements that can be said to be indispensable for a kit that respects itself. Today it remains in the family traditions to want to donate sheets, towels and tablecloths to future spouses , both new and part of an ancient kit handed down from generation to generation, to help them in the expenses to face for the new house. Unlike the past, where an abundant supply was justified by not being able to do laundry often, so many spare parts were needed and from very large spaces in the house, today before choosing the linen it will be necessary to take into account not only the style furnishing, but also of the capacity of the house and wardrobes. In passing in fact, a kit consisted of a part for the home and a personal . In a bourgeois family, for example, the household kit consisted of 24 double sheets of pure linen embroidered by hand, 24 simple, 36 pairs of pillowcases, 12 Holland cloth towels plus 6 for guests, 12 tablecloths organza plus 6 for every day and so on. The personal part , on the other hand, included laundry items, silk nightgowns, canvas shirts, capes, handkerchiefs and so on. Today, instead, the elements of the Kit tend to be chosen above all according to tastes. We therefore advise you to choose, already during the engagement period , four or five pairs of sheets, of which two are more valuable, three or four “important” tablecloths , but at least as many to use every day, preferably sponge bath linen, because more practical, coordinated with the colors of the bathroom. Therefore, a “modern” kit today consists of:


    • Bedroom : To have a good kit < / b> four or five pairs of sheets are enough, with pillowcases to choose according to your taste. The great brands propose them colored or printed in various patterns, in the past they used embroidered white linen. At least one set should be chosen in linen or silk. Woolen blankets are necessary if you do not use goose down, which is increasingly used today. If you opt for the duvet, you will have to buy duvet covers with pillowcases. For the summer, don’t miss the bedspreads, with colors coordinated with the linen.

    • Kitchen : Kitchen linen needs four tablecloths for each day and at least two elegant and embroidered linen pieces complete with napkins. Doilies are not appreciated by all brides, if you like them choose some to be placed in the living room or on the bedside tables in the bedroom. Finally, a dish towel, linen or cotton tea towels, oven mitts and oven mitts.

    • Bathroom : The sets from bathroom can be found for all tastes: from linen to sponge more or less soft and absorbent. They fit eight large and eight small towels, plus 2 towels for guests. Complete purchases with two bathrobes and possibly bath towels.

    • Linen : The wardrobes and drawers that will hold your linen must have, within them , anti-moth bags and, if you like them, nice perfumers. Periodically take out all the pieces, so that they get air.

    • The bride kit is essential for any woman who needs to get married, and Florentine kits offers a whole series of elements that will make your outfit a unique and inimitable collection.

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