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Tradition of the first bed: quilt, sheets, pillows

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There is, and is rooted in ancient times, a marriage tradition commonly known as tradition of the first bed , which has its roots in ancient beliefs . We therefore begin by explaining what is meant by “tradition of the first bed”.

What is it?

A present custom rooted especially in the south, that of the first bed consists of the preparation of the bed for the wedding night of the boyfriends about to get married: friends and relatives of the couple go to their future home to arrange their double bed according to precise criteria . Sheets , quilt, all cushions all arranged in such a way as to propitiate to the two lovers a radiant future and children in abundance . In particular, we choose sheets, quilt and pillows “virgin” and that is to say never used before then . This is because the ancient ritual required that both the spouses had not consumed before at that time and therefore had to be greeted by a bed and by the accessories never touched before. Until a few decades ago the rules of the rite were strictly and categorically respected. Today, on the other hand, there are several variations that accompany the tradition, but some elements remain unchanged, like the type of sheets, pillows, quilt .

How should be quilt ?

The quilt to be used for the first bed must be a precious quilt in precious materials and in the soft colors of white, ivory, cream . Never choose dark colors or quilts with a fantasy pattern: everything must reconstruct the candor that tradition expects for that night. However, if the temperatures are not yet rigid, you can opt for a bedspread or a quilt that follow the same instructions indicated for the quilt. A gem: in ancient times the bedspread was worked in crochet by the grandmother of the bride and then donated to the latter; still today we see this wonderful tradition that links the past to the future in the precious weaving of crochet thread.

How should sheets be?

The sheets for the first bed must be strictly white : different shades are not accepted and must be virgin, that is new, never used before then . Even the whiteness of the sheets has a motivation: if we don’t go into too much detail, we will say that the light color of the sheets was used to understand if the bride had arrived at the wedding without having previously consumed her. Today the times are advancing and these retrograde beliefs no longer concern us, but some elements remain rooted in tradition. The sheets must be either Egyptian cotton or linen : no other materials are accepted.

How should be cushions ?

The cushions must be strictly two , to symbolize that the bed must be occupied only and only by the new married couple that has just formed. They must be thin and not very bulging , and the pillow cases must be of the same as those of the sheets: it is therefore advisable to buy a set of pillowcases and sheets coordinated . No absolute to small and narrow pillows, since it is thought that their shape is not propitiatory of abundance and fertility.

The wonderful tradition of the first bed binds us to our ancestors and our grandmothers: it is a bridge between generations, and even if today everything is organized into A modern key is beautiful to observe how some customs and habits remain over time, if not by overcoming modernity, at least by putting it side by side.

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