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Bath accessory set: how to choose?

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We proceeded to furnish our home and, to do so, we used some accessories like sheets , set of towels from bathroom , quilts < / strong> , glasses , pots , tablecloths and a series of innumerable elements chosen for their functionality but also for the fact that they appear as elements suitable for < strong> complete the style of furniture chosen for your home environment Among all these elements, there are some that we are talking about today in the article as they are, like many others, objects that besides having a < strong> functional purpose also have an aesthetic purpose : we are talking about a set of bathroom accessories.

Bath accessory set: what is it made up of?

Bathroom accessory sets usually consist of 3 basic elements and are:


  1. Dispenser for liquid soap , used precisely to contain liquid hand soap;

  3. Toothbrush holder , with or without special holes used to hold the toothbrushes vertically, protecting them from contact with the surfaces in which bacteria grow;

  4. Soap holder , to hold soaps that are used to wash hands in many homes, even if bacteria are deposited on them and allergens if not washed well and, above all, if used by more than one person.

  5. You can then add other elements to this “basic set”, sometimes sold in more complete packages or as separate items but with the same style and therefore belonging to the same line, which are:


    • toilet brush with a special toilet brush holder, for cleaning and hygiene of the toilet bowl;

    • talc holder , where talc is inserted and fitted with a special applicator;

    • mail wads , where cotton wads or pads are inserted to cleanse the face;

    • Of course we can also add to these elements, such as cotton-fiock or brush-holder to buy coordinated.

      Which material to choose?

      The bathroom accessory sets on the market are made with different materials, some even in glass or stone , but it is also true that the sets of bathroom accessories most popular on the market are made of 3 materials which are:


      1. Steel, stainless, resistant, easily washable, suitable for furnishings with minimal or modern taste;

      3. Ceramics , elegant, formal, resistant to corrosion over time, are suitable for furnishings with a retro or shabby or radical chic taste;

      4. Plastic , practical and durable plastic bathroom accessory sets are usually chosen for bathrooms that are inhabited by children, so if they fall and if you break you won’t be spending a fortune as they are also quite cheap.
      5. And the style?

        Obviously, even for a set of bathroom accessories, style must be in line with this which is the furniture and design chosen for your bathroom . To make no mistake we suggest this short vademecum: l or style of a bathroom accessory is determined by its shape, but also by the type of material:


        • Modern or design style: accessories in plastic, ceramic, glass, resin or stainless steel ; simple and linear shapes.

        • Classic or Zen style: ceramic, wood or stone; simple, cylindrical and rounded geometric shapes.

        • Retro or romantic style: glass, iron, porcelain, enamelled steel; structured and detailed forms, with moldings, ovals and combination of materials.

        • It may seem trivial, but even choosing a set of bathroom accessories can lead to many doubts, which is why we are happy to think that the article could have provided interesting ideas for a useful evaluation.

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