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Kitchen: how to choose a salad bowl?

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When you decide to live in a new home you need to buy a series of elements that have features: a quilt for the bedroom, by cushions for the sofa, a cookware set for cooking, a set of towels for the < strong> bathroom . Taken for this by the multitude of objects that are useful in a new home, it may happen that you forget of some equally useful elements . Among them, the salad bowl which is essential if, when friends are invited to dinner, they want to serve beautiful salads as a tasty side dish for their dishes. But how to choose the best one? In this article we will deal with just that, based on three key words that are: use, material, style.

The salad bowl is used to contain the salad , as expressly given in the name. The salads could in fact be served in portions in special saucers, but before this it must be seasoned, and since usually the salad has a fairly important volume, it has been necessary to build a special tool for this function. The salad bowl has a concave and enlarged shape ideal for containing solid foods but seasoned with liquid foods.

The salad bowls on the market can be made in different materials . The most common ones on the market are:


  • stainless steel : stainless steel salad bowls are particularly preferred because they are stainless and can be easily washed in the dishwasher or by hand without deteriorating.

  • ceramic : ceramic salad bowls are preferred because, despite the delicacy of the material, they are still very resistant.

  • crystal : crystal salad bowls are much more common than you think but they are not used daily as the material of which they are composed is very fragile and tends to break easily.

  • wood : there are wooden salad bowls but they are only used in certain contexts, such as an outdoor lunch or in the garden, because despite the ease with which they can be washed tend to retain odors due to wood fibers.

  • Style
    Like any other element, the salad bowl is now chosen based on what are the characteristics of its own furnishings : if for example we chose to furnish our kitchen by choosing colors cold and following the dictates of the purest modern that almost borders on minimal, a steel salad bowl is the right choice, while if your home is furnished in a sober and formal style, it is better to choose ceramic or crystal salad bowls that perfectly match the design of your home.

    It may seem trivial, but even the choice of a salad bowl can lead to doubts. We hope to have succeeded in the article to give useful advice to all those who are planning to buy this useful item.

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