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Things at home: how to choose a wall clock

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Just returned from our honeymoon and we proceeded to buy everything for our house: quilts , sheets , cushions , < strong> mattress, glasses , < strong> pots , tablecloths and everything you need in a house inhabited for the first time. But there are some elements that, given the amount of things to think about, they can forget and of which we remember only when they come back to us useful : let’s say we’re at home and know that at 3pm we have an appointment and, taken from the chores, we lose the sense of time . Suddenly we remember it but we don’t have the wristwatch, the floor is wet and the phone is charging in another room: what time is it? eyes on the walls and here we realize we have forgotten to buy the wall clock . It is considered an essential element, both for its functionality and for the fact that like any other element has become a piece of furniture that serves to “dress” our home, so you have to choose one that matches with the style that we decided to give to our apartment. To choose the right wall clock we must then investigate the question based on three keywords which are: use, material, style

The wall clock serves to know what time is quickly, with a quick and fleeting glance at the wall, allowing us to never lose the sense of time . Its use is in fact dependent on its function: I use the wall clock depending on the fact that I want to know what time it is. Its use is quite recent as up to a few decades ago pendulum clocks or support clocks still existed almost completely out of use. The wall clock is usually positioned in the kitchen or in the living area , in the rooms of the home that is most practiced and where therefore it is chosen to place a wall clock. However, this does not mean that you can choose for a wall clock in every room of the house, even in bathroom .

The materials used to make the wall clocks are really many. But those that tend to be most used are :


  • wood, for its beauty and its ability to adapt to every style and environment

  • metal , preferred for more modern furnishings

  • plastic , used mostly for wall clocks in children’s bedrooms or bathrooms

  • Style
    Obviously, even a wall clock must adapt to the style that you chose to give to your home: if you have a home furnished following the dictates of the shabby style, absolutely yes to a wooden wall clock, while if instead you have a house with a modern design it is advisable to prefer simple and essential metal wall clocks. Finally, as a tip, trust the vintage with great confidence . Inspired by the styles and atmospheres of the past, the retro-inspired models will give the right touch of class and elegance to your rooms, precisely because they are generally equipped with a metal or leather dial, Roman characters and beige backgrounds. The advice is to choose models with metal hooks and temperature indication if they are coretired outside.

    It may seem trivial, but even the choice of a wall clock can create doubts. Therefore we hope to have provided the most suitable advice to all those who need to make this type of purchase.

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