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SIAE: how much does music cost for marriage?

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Preparations for the wedding are almost finished and almost all the essential things have been chosen: participations , bomboniere < / span> , wedding cake , placeholder , auto , shoes, hairstyles , faiths , witnesses etc. Therefore only some small things that need to be organized are missing. important to consider are the SIAE costs that relate to musical entertainment for your wedding. In the article we propose to understand just this.

What is the SIAE?

In Italy, the current legislation governing and protecting Copyright , has established the existence of a specific Italian Society of Authors and of Publishers; or a Economic Public Entity which protects and guarantees its members, recognition of the remuneration for protected works , in fact, from copyright, promoting and overseeing, at the same time, the dissemination of culture, art and intellectual work . In its “mission”, the SIAE cites the profuse commitment for the recognition of the right compensation to the Authors and Publishers, deriving from < b> use of their works , in various areas and forms: concerts, radio, TV, theaters, cinemas, clubs, internet and so on.

Why is it about marriage?

Marriage is a private party and, as a private event, you need to get permission to perform music. Since the spouses are considered to be the real organizers of the party, the payment of the SIAE rates is up to them and it is therefore important that, when making the list of what is needed and how much it will cost, it must be a entry to insert .

What are the rates?

rates vary based on the number of guests for which we will have:


  1. up to a maximum of 200 guests, the SIAE rate is € 199.00 + VAT

  3. for a number greater than 200 guests, the SIAE rate is 299.00 + VAT

  4. It remains to understand how to proceed for documentation and payment . Both things can be done online but, if this is not possible, proceed as follows:


    • ask at the location which is the reference SIAE office

    • go to the office and provide information about your wedding and collect the music program on which you made the deposit

    • deliver the program to the selected DJ or group

    • There are some things that you don’t immediately think about when it comes to organizing your wedding and, among these things, there is also the question of SIAE rates. We therefore hope with this article to have provided the essential information in order to prepare properly and avoid inconveniences.

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