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Umbrella stand: 3 ideas to choose the perfect one

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You got married and, after the magic of your honeymoon, finally you arrive in new house complete with everything we need: bath towel set , glasses , tablecloths , < span style = "color: # 0000ff; text-decoration: underline;"> quilts , pillows , < strong> pots and everything a newly married couple need to live together for the first time in their new home. But there are some elements that, not seeming essential, we often forget and, when they come back to us useful, we decide to buy them. Let’s say it’s a really rainy day and an aunt who failed to come to marriage comes to visit us. She knocks on the bell and when we open the door, we realize that she has a wet umbrella with her . Suddenly we realize that we have forgotten to buy something that, although not essential , it is functional to find a place for umbrellas when they are wet from the rain: we are talking about the umbrella stand . In the article we will provide 3 useful tips to choose the perfect umbrella stand. < / span>

Choose the right size

The first thing to consider when buying an umbrella stand is size : if it has too little space it doesn’t it is advisable to buy an umbrella stand that is too large as it would tend to occupy an excessive space compared to the one in place; at the same time, if you live in a very large apartment you can opt for an umbrella stand with large dimensions so that, in addition to having an important functional role, it is also a element of design which, chosen by adapting it to the style of your home, contributes to the allure we have decided to provide at our entrance.

Choose the right material

On the market there are very different materials between them. How to choose the best one? In truth, there is no better material to choose from, as we tend to choose the material that best suits the style of your home. However the most common materials are:


  • Wood : it is a material that never sets because it is resistant, practical, easy to clean. Especially suitable for rooms furnished according to the dictates of a purely classic taste or retro, even shabby;

  • Iron : wrought iron is perhaps the material that can be said to be the king of umbrella stand materials. It in fact it is used in 67% of umbrella stand productions as it has an essential characteristic: it tends to not oxidize while having to contain objects, umbrellas, which are wet when, of course, they are used.

  • Ceramics : ceramic umbrella stands are perhaps the most beautiful that exist because they look more like decorative vases than objects for a function . Resistant and practical, ceramic umbrella stands stand out for their elegance that they give to the environment in which they are used.
  • Choose the right style

    Regardless of which material is chosen for your umbrella stand, it must be taken into account that this element, like any other, must adapt to the style of the environment in which it is placed: an umbrella stand would be really absurd color completely uncoordinated with colors of one’s entrance. Therefore, with each style its umbrella stand : i Provencal style umbrella stand < span style = "font-weight: 400;"> for example represent a wonderful alternative for those who love pastel colors and more romantic decorations. The floral textures are among the most common for this type of furniture, but you can also place models with a striped surface near the entrance door, ideal for evoking the mood typical of Provence; if instead you prefer a more classic style where nude colors dominate, ceramic or wrought iron umbrella stands could be chosen, both materials ideal to adapt to a simple and sober style.

    It will seem trivial, but even the choice of an umbrella stand is not always easy. We therefore hope to have provided useful advice to anyone intending to make this type of purchase.

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