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Marriage: yes or no in the presence of the bridesmaids?

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The wedding preparations have come to an end and the essential elements chosen: participations , bomboniere , auto , segnaposto , < a href = "http://www.giordanocorredi.it/2017/10/02/addobbi-floreali-matrimonio-5-migliori-fioristi-napoli/"> floral decorations , witnesses and honeymoon . It doesn’t seem to really miss anything even if the bride has that strange feeling of having forgotten something … But what? Oh yes, the bridesmaids ! Today, the tendency in Italy to choose bridesmaids for their wedding is increasingly widespread, a all Anglo-Saxon tradition spreading also in the Bel Paese. But what is it? In the following article we will try to understand it.

Damsels: who are they?

The bridesmaids of the bride are women who tend to have the same age as the person who marries. Their task is to help the bride in the preparations, in the choice of the dress and in the organization of everything that can help to dampen a little the stress of the bride for the marriage . Usually you choose people of your own family : sisters, sisters-in-law, cousins ​​ with whom you have a special relationship. But we also choose friends who consider themselves real sisters. Therefore the choice falls on the people with whom the bride has established a relationship of sincere affection and esteem . In particular then, the bride can choose a damsel of honor , usually a sister or her best friend, who is at a step more important than the others. As for the number, there is no fixed number of bridesmaids , although it usually goes from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 8 girls .

How should bridesmaids dress?

The bridesmaids must wear all a dress of the same line and the same color . However, since not all physicists are the same and a mermaid dress can look beautiful to one and very badly to another, there is the possibility of choosing different models , the important thing is that they all belong to the same line, and all of the same color and material . The color to choose must be in line with the theme chosen by the bride for her wedding: well accepted are the soft colors, nude or in pastel nuances . No categorical black, red, too bright colors and white, prerogative color of the bride in her big day.

And the hairstyle and make up?

The bridesmaids hairstyle and make-up must stand out of course from the peculiar characteristics of every single girl, but they must also be designed in such a way that there is a common thread, an overview , that makes it clear to those observing the bridesmaids that they are all different girls but who are all part of a single project. Therefore, if the bride has chosen such a wonderful garden as a location for your wedding, all the bridesmaids’ hairstyles could be adorned with the same flowers or, if for example the ceremony is very formal, you can ask that all wear a hat < / strong>. Same thing goes for make-up so there must be something that tie the bridesmaids to each other: eyeliner pronounced for all or lipstick for all of the same color.

Why choose bridesmaids?

There is no reason why you can clearly pro for or against the figure of the bridesmaids for their wedding. Everything depends on the circumstances : yes for example to bridesmaids if the wedding is held during the day and includes an important number of guests; but decided if a simple ceremony was chosen, with a few close friends and a second civil ceremony.

Ultimately, the choice of whether or not to have bridesmaids for their wedding is entirely personal, and does not depend on particular reasons. We hope to have clarified at least some ideas to all those brides who are still undecided on the subject.

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