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Pitcher: how to choose the perfect one?

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Let’s imagine we have to organize the Christmas dinner : decorate the table with tablecloth more beautiful, service of dishes , the set of glasses and that of cutlery used for special occasions, while in the corner of your own dining room or a wonderful Christmas tree stands. The Christmas dinner is certainly a special occasion during which we prefer to also serve drinks in an elegant way . Such as? Here the pitchers come into play. But what is it? In the article we try to explain it and understand how to choose the perfect pitcher.

Jug: what is it?

The jug is a container used to contain liquids , usually water , but also wine or carbonated beverages. What differentiates the jug from any other liquid container is, above all, the shape : a jug is in fact characterized by a tondeggiant and panzuta , with a spout to pour the liquids and on the opposite side to this there is a handle to handle to hold it.

When to use it?

The jug is usually used when preparing tables for dinners during special occasions : this is because they are very delicate objects and their daily use could easily damaging them. However, this does not mean that, if desired, it is still not a place to use a pitcher for lunch or daily dinners, only given the speed of life today, the pitcher is clearly not very practical.

Jug: what is it made of?

The materials that make up a jug can be different. Those most popular on the market are:


  • Terracotta : a material that typifies jugs in a certain way because they exist since antiquity built in this particular ceramic which, after cooking process, takes on the particular yellow-red brick color;

  • Porcelain : material often used for making jugs due to the particular elegance that this ceramic, originally from the East, can give to the table;

  • Cristallo : it is a particular type of glass used for artistic objects with a refined manufacture. Crystal jugs are precious, very delicate and particularly expensive compared to other materials;

  • Metal : there are metal pitchers, such as those in steel , which are not particularly preferred due to the metallic taste they release to liquids.
  • How to choose the perfect one?

    Like any other furnishing element, also the jug is chosen considering features and colors in perspective to combine it with the style chosen for your home : does the house have a typically modern design? It is advisable to choose metal pitchers without decorations; Does the style of the house refer to a shabby taste? Yes to terracotta pitchers; and for a home furnished in the most classic tones possible? the best choice is to opt for porcelain or crystal jugs.

    It may seem trivial, but even the choice of a pitcher can lead to many doubts. We hope so to be able to provide useful advice to all those who are going to buy one.

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