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Bedroom: how to choose the perfect quilt?

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Winter has arrived : it’s cold outside, it’s raining and already in the air there’s a hint of Christmas. What could be nicer than to spend an evening in bed , under the warmth of a soft < span style = "text-decoration: underline;"> quilt , looking in tv a tear-free movie while sipping a good coffee-milk in our mug preferred? Like canovacci , bath set , cushions , tablecloths and all what contributes to the creation of the perfect wedding kit, even the quilt has its enormous, significant value . But what is a quilt? And above all, how do you choose the perfect quilt? We propose in the article to try to decipher just this by making use of some considerations that we give to the reader as useful advice aimed at buying a perfect quilt.

What is a quilt?

A quilt is, so to speak, a cross between a blanket and a duvet and, just like the blankets, goes used in conjunction with sheets . The quilt consists essentially of three parts:


  1. An outer fabric , which can be more or less valuable and more or less worked according to your tastes. < / li>

  2. An inner lining , composed of fabrics that are generally softer than those on the outside and are usually less beautiful and solid, because being the part facing our body the important thing is that it is comfortable and pleasant to the touch.

  4. A padding that can be made with various materials: goose down, wadding, wool, felt or synthetic fibers .

    Usually the quilts have a classic appearance due also to their dimensions that make them resemble, precisely, the blankets.

    When is the quilt used?

    The quilt is usually used when it is more or less cold depending on the type of padding that presents : there are indeed quilts that have a wool filling the use of which is preferable when it is really very cold, and quilts that instead, given their fresher padding, are more suited to the autumn period. Everything then depends on the degree of tolerance of the cold of those who buy: if we are people who are already trembling at the first fall winds, then even a quilt with a goose down stuffing could do the job .

    Why prefer a quilt to a blanket?

    The quilt, thanks to its three layers, is much lighter than a blanket , gives more warmth than to traditional blankets, and it is easily washable in the washing machine compared to a blanket that instead, most of the times, needs a dry cleaner to take care of the washing.

    How to choose the perfect quilt?

    There is no perfect quilt in terms of materials because, as we said before, the choice of how quilts are made falls with respect to the needs of those who buy. But we can certainly say that the perfect quilt is the one whose outer fabric is perfectly suited to the furnishing of your bedroom : in fact, like any other element like the battery of pots , a flowerpot or a kitchen glove , it is considered essential to ensure that < strong> the quilt is in line with what is the style we have decided to give to our house . For example, if our bedroom has colors predominant in shades of gray, you can opt for a white, black or ice gray quilt, while if instead our bedroom follows a style that recalls the neoclassical in shades of beige and gold, we can choose a quilt in nude tones or, if we prefer something more eccentric, gold with silk finishes.

    It will seem trivial, but also the choice of a quilt must be subject to considerations. We hope we have succeeded in providing the most important ones in order to make the perfect choice.

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