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Marriage: how to organize a street food aperitif

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Street food stands for street food , that is the food sold in pickup trucks or carts that is consumed while walking, on makeshift tables or take away. One of the strongest trends in today’s gastronomy is to have reinvented street food in a gourmet way to make it suitable for aperitifs and small buffets, an idea immediately stolen by the wedding system to inaugurate the refreshment of alternative wedding . In fact, more and more couples choose to organize a street food aperitif when leaving the Church / Municipality after having pronounced their “yes”. This moment has become so trendy as to be called indispensable like the floral decorations < / a>, from placeholder , of the auto , of the theme of your wedding. But : how to organize a street food aperitif? It is not an operation that always turns out to be simple, and therefore we propose in the article a series of useful tips to those who have decided to organize a small ” refreshments “pre-reception. To do this we use some guidelines which are: type of aperitif; nature of the support; affinity with the theme of one’s own wedding. < / span>

Type of aperitif: sweet or savory?

In truth it is a little improper to talk about a sweet aperitif, it is more correct to speak of a sweet buffet and, therefore, we will use this differentiation. Starting from the assumption that the choice of a savory aperitif or a sweet buffet essentially depends on the subjective preference of the spouses , the choice usually falls on a sweet buffet, if you get married in the morning , and on a salty aperitif, if you get married in the evening . This is because usually the aperitifs tend to be more suitable in the evening hours as an advance of the dinner and are very consistent; sweet buffets, on the other hand, are less full-bodied because it offers more refreshments, as usually happens with weddings held in the morning. What do they expect? The sweet buffet usually includes sweets of small confectionery, cakes in single portions, almond paste sweets, confetti, granita, ice cream and a good sweet sparkling wine or brut, depending on your preference. The salty aperitif instead provides many more elements : mini sandwiches, mini hot dogs, delicatessen products, pizzas, mini-portion fries, pasta tastings, cold cuts, dairy products, fizzy drinks, water, sparkling wine. A little attention should be paid to your guests : for example, if an invited person suffers from diabetes , procure carbonated soft drinks without sugar; if instead someone suffers from celiac disease , get gluten-free products because every guest has the right to fully enjoy all the moments of the wedding.

Nature of support: Ape car, Carretto or Furgoncino?

To make the aperitif really street food take the right support . Online, in fact, you can find a series of agencies that rent vehicles with a unique design useful to give a very personal style even at this moment of your marriage. In fact, you can rent car, carriages and vans that will act as “stand” for your aperitif. The bee car , a three-wheeled vehicle produced since 1984, is a unique Italian symbol in the world, and its uniqueness could be reflected if you choose it for your street food aperitif: characteristic, small and graceful will help give a retro taste, of the golden years of the economic boom, at your wedding, the cart instead makes us think of the ice-cream cart, and that’s how the refreshment cart looks like: carts with towing by bicycle from colors gaudy or vintage that immediately make us think of the beauties of the square parties to which our grandparents brought us as children; the van can be modern or vintage, very versatile in this sense, and presents the possibility of turning into a bigger stend than the two previously exposed solutions.

Affinity with one’s marriage: what to choose?

As we have already mentioned, the choice of a street food aperitif must take into account the moment in which one’s own wedding will be celebrated . If, for example, it was decided to get married in the morning, a sweet buffet would be more suitable to be organized with a bee car or a cart, smaller and more suitable, while for an evening wedding it is advisable to choose a van which, being larger, may contain a fuller salty street food aperitif. Apart from this, however, it is also necessary that the street food aperitif follows the allure given to one’s wedding: the bomboniere < are they made with gray ribbons? gray ribbons to adorn the chosen van; the holdings do they have references to a shabby style? same references to be applied to the rear-view mirrors of the bee car; the confetti of a wedding with 5 different flavors for confetti? get for the sweet buffet in street food style the same type of confetti that will be used for the sugared almonds.

It is not easy, in an attempt to keep up with new trends, to consider a whole series of details that may be missed. Therefore we hope that the article has provided useful advice to those who are going to organize a street food aperitif for their big day.

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