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Marriage: guide to choosing the wedding menu

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When designing a wedding, there are so many elements to consider : bomboniere , participations, wedding rings < / span> , location, photo shoot etc. It should not be forgotten, however, that one of the essential elements accomplices to the success of a marriage concerns the choice of food to offer to its guests: the choice of the menu for the wedding reception it is in fact one of the moments that engage the spouses the most as they must take into account a series of elements to decide the type of food to serve to their guests. We propose in the article to provide the guidelines to the choice of the perfect wedding menu. Given that the bride and groom are looking to offer a menu that satisfies everyone there are preliminary factors that are essential to consider before deciding the menu itself:


  • The budget . Before you even choose the location where your wedding reception will take place and decide whether to rely on the internal kitchen of the chosen place or if you prefer a catering, the spouses must set a budget for their wedding banquet . The cost per person of the menu can indeed vary a great deal: it goes from a minimum of 75 euros to an unspecified maximum, and therefore the spouses must fix a quota that is in their possibilities. Obviously the cost of the menu varies greatly with respect to the location and what it is intended to offer its guests; the advice is: if you can afford a moderate marriage, offer a little less but that is excellent quality .

  • Lunch or Dinner? Choosing the wedding menu cannot disregard if the wedding reception will take place for lunch or dinner : this is usually because we tend to choose a menu whose dishes are more suitable for a specific time. The very abundant menus are in fact preferable for weddings that develop from lunch , while for evening weddings which therefore offer dinner < lighter tones .
  • are preferred recipes

  • When and where? Absolutely not recommended is the choice of a menu that does not take into account the period in which the wedding is held and the place where the reception is held. In fact, if you choose to get married for example in the summer, fresh dishes are recommended and take advantage of the seasonality of some ingredients, while if you opt for a cold period like January, the choice should fall on more consistent hot dishes. The advice is to rely on professionals able to direct the creation of a menu that highlights the best of what each season of the year offers . Even the choice of the location contributes to the creation of the perfect wedding menu: if in fact you chose to get married in a mountain location why not take advantage of organizing the barbecue corner that serves grilled meat? and if instead you choose to get married in a location that allows your guests to walk on the sand, what is more suitable than serving excellent fish dishes? Obviously the choice is to be made also following those that are the tastes of spouses and guests, but in principle it is better to exploit raw materials at km 0 of which we know freshness, provenance and authenticity.

  • How many people? As we said not many lines above, the choice of the menu must be based on a budget chosen by the spouses that depends above all on the number of guests attending the wedding . So the choice of the wedding menu must take into account, even roughly, the number of guests who will be served lunch: if for example pious there are 300 guests, the choice of a buffet is not recommended because very long queues will be created; better to opt for a lunch / dinner served at the table that does not create unpleasant inconveniences.

    With these few essential considerations, let’s look at how to decide for the actual menu.

    Choose food

    The choice of dishes to serve must be based on dishes that satisfy the tastes of those who choose : do not be impressed then by pompous names that do not explain what we are to eat. Better to opt for less sophisticated dishes that however contain known ingredients of their own culinary tradition : often the refinement that necessarily wants to risk with unknown flavors can backfire, causing a failure rather than a pleasant surprise. Moreover the wedding menu must take into account its guests , not just the preferences of the spouses: what sense would sushi have for the main course if we are aware that our guests prefer less exotic flavors?

    Know your guests

    Once the menu has been chosen and everything is in line with both the location and the theme of your wedding we can be sure that our guests will be happy: if you are decided for a wedding in the mountains, the menu adapts to the place and time of our wedding, the guests will expect main courses of meat and will enhance the tradition of the chosen place. But beware of special needs : it may happen that some guests have special requests dictated either by their own tastes or by more or less serious pathologies. Knowing your guests is essential so that everyone, from the first to the last, remains happy with what they have eaten . Some examples:


    1. vegetarian / vegan guests . It may happen that among our guests there are some who by choice have decided not to eat meat and animal derivatives: it would be unthinkable not to build for them menus that take these preferences into account in order to make their day enjoyable. It would be very rude not to know that some guests do not eat certain dishes and propose only those without other options ;

    3. guests with different food preferences . Some guests may like more dishes that include meat than fish, for example: if this occurs, the spouses will have to agree with the kitchen or the catering of the menus that present useful variations to satisfy the tastes and the preferences of their guests. If, for example, you have chosen for a first course of sea and one of land and the person in question does not like the pasta seasoned with seafood, you can ask to replace the dish with something more appreciated by the guest in question. span>

    4. guests who suffer from intolerances or pathologies . Let us know that one of our cousins ​​suffers from celiac disease: it is essential to present this to the staff in such a way that an ad hoc menu is agreed that does not damage the well-being of the person in question, as is essential indicate if there are guests allergic to certain ingredients so as to avoid the possibility that one day of celebration turns into a bad time for someone.

    5. small guests . The main menu is usually accompanied by a menu chosen for the little ones: in fact it is unthinkable that a 7 year old child knows how to eat lobster! Essential then is building a “baby” menu for smaller guests.
    6. Agree on the type of menu

      How will lunch or dinner be served? Do you offer something to the guests while they wait for the bride and groom to arrive? Buffet served or not? By type of menu we mean the way in which lunch or dinner will unfold . The options offered to spouses are different and numerous but, in principle, are based on preferring lunch or dinner:


      • Lunch . Usually when you opt for a reception to be held at lunch, you choose to initially serve a cocktail of welcome to the guests who arrived on the spot before the Oh yeah. After the arrival of the spouses and the toast of good wishes, it is usually decided to start with an appetizer served at the table or a buffet in which each guest can freely choose what to eat: normally if the weather is good the When the appetizer / buffet takes place, it is kept open and then moved to the main place where the rest of the reception will take place. At this point we start with the main courses which are usually two, a first course of sea and one of land, and we continue with the second, a sorbet, fruit and ice cream. Sweets and wedding cake will then be served at the end of the outdoor lunch, weather permitting, next to the corner decorated for the < span style = "color: # 0000ff; text-decoration: underline;"> sugared .

      • Dinner . Usually if you opt for a reception to be held in the evening, you tend to choose a lighter menu that is certainly more suited to dinner. Many couples opt for a welcome cocktail and a dinner that takes place entirely following the buffet formula : corner where fish is served, corner where dairy products are served, corner where meat is served, corner where typical products of Mediterranean cuisine are served etc. Normally the buffet is chosen when you want to give a less formal touch to your wedding. However, if the number of guests exceeds 70 people it is advisable to arrange for a buffet served at the table in order to avoid long, endless lines.

      • Obviously, only the most common options are proposed here, but the spouses cannot necessarily decide to choose the type of menu to serve very differently .

        Choosing the menu for your wedding can often create many problems. We hope then to have provided useful advice to anyone who is preparing to choose the perfect menu for their wedding.

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