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Napkin holder: choice guide

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The napkin ring perhaps it is true: it is not the first thing to think about when choosing the elements useful for preparing your table. However, these accessories are used to keep the table set more in order , making it handy something which serves for each diner but not only this: they can also represent a decorative element of the table contributing, depending on the features, to make it more elegant, more colorful or more saucy. So we can deal with napkin rings in this article by helping with some keywords :


  • Use

  • Material

  • Style

  • Use
    The function which is called to carry a napkin ring is to keep the napkins neat on a laid table. Their practicality is that very often, when dinner for example and it was decided to use napkins not of cloth, each diner may need to use more napkins and, therefore, thanks to the napkin holder can use without the annoying need to get away from the table. Obviously the type of napkin holder that you can choose it varies a lot according to the use that has been decided to make of them: in fact it would be opportune to procure at least two napkin rings , one to use daily and another instead to be used on special occasions. Therefore we can see that the napkin ring to use daily must be resistant , practical and handy while for napkin rings to be used on special occasions it is considered essential to make a choice that enhances the elegance of the object .

    It is believed consequential that the choice of the purpose of use of the napkin ring is decided by a type of material instead of another. The most used materials for the realization of napkin rings are:


    1. Steel and other metals . The napkin rings built in this type of material are particularly resistant to wear over time, to deterioration and to shocks. Because of their characteristics they are therefore commonly used daily as well as also suitable for external uses , such as during braciate or pick-nick.

    2. Ceramics and porcelain . The napkin rings built in this type of material are particularly delicate , not very resistant to impact, perishable over time but very elegant i. Because of their characteristics, they are therefore used during special occasions to make the table even more sophisticated

    3. Plastic materials . The napkin rings built in this type of material are very versatile , as they can add resistance and elegance < / b> in a single element. It is not difficult to find plastic napkin rings suitable for daily use or find others whose features easily adapt to adorn luxurious tables.

    5. Silver . The silver napkin rings are less rare than one might expect, but they differ from the types observed so far in their purpose: usually the silver napkin rings consist of rings, more or less decorated, aimed to wrap a single cloth napkin.

    7. Glass . The glass napkin rings can adorn both the tables set daily and those laid during special occasions: this is because the glass combines strength and elegance in itself, making itself suitable for every context .

    9. Other materials . The napkin rings can be constructed in wood and adapt to country style tables for example, or we can still find napkin rings in fabric adaptable to any context.

    10. Style
      The watchword to be repeated when you are about to buy furnishing accessories is only one: details . Attention to detail is essential if you want to recreate a harmonious environment whose furnishings all follow the same style or at least they are matching between them. Therefore also the napkin ring design should undergo this choice: if you have decided for a furniture with very modern lines and cold colors (white, black, gray) it would be advisable to choose napkin rings with square and decisive features, in metal or in lacquered plastic; if you have opted for a rustic decor instead, it would be right to choose wooden napkin rings; if the choice fell on a piece of furniture whose dominant color is red, you could choose a napkin ring in the same shade of red or in a contrasting color, preferring thick glass or a plastic material. It is also useful to choose napkin rings that adapt not only to furniture but also to the table : for example, if you opted for the purchase of a tablecloth with soft colors, it is good to choose a napkin ring with colors and features that fit it.

      The elements to consider when choosing the napkin ring are different. It will seem trivial, but it is not enough just to submit to your preferences : you must choose based on the purpose of use of the object. We hope then that we have been able to provide useful advice on the subject.

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