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Marriage: three ideas for choosing the theme

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The date of the wedding was fixed, the location decided, the photographer contacted, but … yes, it looks like something is missing! Any self-respecting wedding is based on the choice of a theme as it is itself the thread conductor for the organization of the entire event. Sometimes the choice of a theme can take place spontaneously compared to those that are the spouses’ preferences, such as the choice of a symbol preferred by the bride or groom can determine the very theme of the marriage, or perhaps both spouses love the sea and therefore decide to develop the marine theme, perhaps choosing placeholders in the shape of a shell or participations whose colors recall the thousand shades of blue of the sea.

Other times, however, the choice of the theme for your wedding is not always so immediate. We therefore propose to offer ideas which can help the spouses decide which theme suits their needs the most.

One color or color matching as a theme for your own marriage is a of the most popular choices . The reason is quite intuitive: they are versatile themes that adapt as much to the choice of flowers and placeholders as to the choice of decorations. The colors that are generally chosen as the theme for the wedding are based either on a deep chromatic antithesis (black + white) or on a clear similarity (pastel colors). Usually, however, the main colors of a wedding are chosen based on the distinction in:


  • base color : which is the most common color and is the basis for the chosen color as a theme

  • theme color : used to create color effects and break the base color

    For these reasons the basic color should be a light color, ranging from shades ranging from white to pale pink. Once the theme color has been identified, all the wedding elements such as placeholders, participations, < a style = "color: # 000080;" href = "http://www.giordanocorredi.it/2017 10/02/addobbi-floreali-matrimonio-5-migliori-fioristi-napoli/"> floral decorations , wedding favors, cake decorations etc must present references to theme color.

    It may happen that the wedding theme comes to develop based on the location choice for your wedding, and it’s an event that happens much more often than you’d expect. Imagine, for example, that you have chosen as a location for your wedding a sumptuous hotel that overlooks the sea of ​​Sorrento: we think to the colors of the sky that at sunset of a mid-May evening blend with the intense blue of the sea … immediately we feel immersed in a romantic and relaxed atmosphere, and the theme to choose can only underline so much beauty; Or you think you have chosen a restaurant on the beach as the location for your wedding: you can walk on the sand, get your feet wet , to hear the sound of the waves … the theme can only be the “marine” one. Colors ranging from blue to green, centerpiece with ampoules filled with water and small fish, favors in the shape of small starfishes. Or you have chosen a villa in the hills: nature surrounds you, the green, the smell of flowers all around … the theme can range from a green-sustainable to a country chic .

    In conclusion, the choice of a theme for your wedding that is based on a passion shared by both spouses perhaps represents the most incisive way to customize your wedding. Let us assume that in fact the couple has a great passion for music , or for a particular author, or for a song that has had a particular significance in the course of their history and here the theme takes shape on its own: tables for example named as the songs of Pink Floyd, or favors that are instead miniatures of Pino Daniele’s favorite guitar. < span style = "font-weight: 400;"> Or let’s think about a couple that has a particular preference for a historical period particular, the 50s of the twentieth century: the theme of marriage could all be structured on the uses and customs of that period. And we still think of two boys young, a little eccentric who have a huge passion for a particular TV series : the theme for your wedding could being focused on it.

    The choice of a theme is wide and colorful, but we hope to have contributed to giving an inspiration to those who are still undecided and why not, a push to dare to choose a very personal theme even if unusual.

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