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The bride’s highlight: hand-embroidered outfits

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Even the best kit has a weak point that can certainly lower the overall value of the entire set. Considering that, traditionally, the kit represented an important (if not fundamental!) Part of the dowry of the bride , it is important to clarify.

Certainly times have changed and, for years now, in modern couples the choice and composition of the kit is a process that is faced in two. But some things do not change and still remains a discriminating factor: the way in which the pieces of the kit are embroidered .

There are two main modes: the embroidery of industrial type and the handmade hand embroidery . Strange as it may seem, the difference in touch and sight becomes evident even for eyes that are not too experienced. Just think of the countless fantasies that a skilled artisan embroiderer can make on a small piece of cloth. The expertise and added value given by manual work can never be matched by industrial embroidery, even if done in an excellent way.

In the first case, computerized embroidering machines are used, in which an image is loaded (a file that is called vector ) which is then restored to perfection on the fabric . The process is very similar to the embroidery print on t-shirts and caps, easily replicable even in small shops that sell t-shirts and customizable objects, made in a very short time.

In the second, however, the production processes are longer for obvious reasons, but the result is incredibly different.

The first step is the choice of fabric , perhaps the most complicated decision. It is necessary to keep in mind the number of elements that you will want to embroider and the density of the texture of the fabric itself, especially if the design must contain “external” elements such as ribbons or buttons or pockets. Then we move on to the choice of embroidery thread . This must be chosen on the basis of color and quality, so that it does not get tired after repeated washings which it will have to go through for obvious reasons. Whether they are glossy or “matt” (therefore more opaque) depends only on the final effect you want to achieve.

Another element to take into consideration is the needle to use . Some needles have a rounded tip and a thicker body, useful for loose weaves and designs that are not too detailed. But a good thin needle with a sharp tip is the top choice for a skilled artisan embroiderer. We then move on to placing the fabric in an embroidery hoop, as we are used to seeing in old movies, and choosing the design to embroider. Simple lines and replicable shapes are the starting point for novice embroiderers. But with experience it is possible to reproduce much more complex decorations with a final effect that leaves you speechless.

After transferring the design or decoration to the fabric, we move on to the actual embroidery. It is at this stage that patience and craftsmanship come into play with all their weight.

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